Friday, April 11, 2008

If you have not done so already, please reply to this email in order to receive my emails from now on.

Dear Friend, amv"sh

If you have not already done so, and you wish to receive my emails, please respond to this email with SUBSCRIBE in the subject. If you do not wish to get my emails please respond with UNSUBSCRIBE.

 If you have already subscribed I will be sending you a confirmation that you are subscribed.  (You might even receive a duplicate confirmation if I sent one to you already) There are a few of you that have not subscribed but I subscribed you anyway since in the past you have been responsive to my emails and did not notify me one way or the other.  However if you wish to stop receiving my emails unsolicited please reply with UNSUBSCRIBE.

I do not think that at this time I will be using the AOL Aim group but rather simply send you emails from my gmail account.

Thanks and Shabbat Shalom.
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