Tuesday, April 29, 2008

How to write an effective letter to the Editor - a must read for activists.



Dear Friends, amv"sh

Thank you Aliza for sending me these links on tips on how to write an effective letter to the editor so that it will be published.  I urge all fellow activists to take the time to read these very important suggestions straight from the experts at Honest Reporting and Camera. 

Aliza Karp writes:

below i have pasted links to valuable instructions for writing to the editor with publication as your goal. i will add that giving Tzedaka before hand will also add to success.


writing letters to the media is something that anyone can do. once you get printed - you make a very big impact! and yet it is something you can do by yourself or together with people you know. you do not have to tell the heads of organizations how to do their job - because when it comes to writing to the editor - anyone can do it and anyone can make an impact... but as i said before, it takes time, training and concentration to write a letter that will get printed.


studying the information on the links below is the first step.


Kol Tuv, aliza






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