Monday, April 28, 2008

Ethnic Cleansing vs. Entitlement, Judaism vs Democracy


Dear Friends, amv"sh


As American Citizens we must recognize that America is forcing Israel to act against Israel's  National Security Interests and pushing her to relinquish her Sovereignty over the Land of Israel.

  Map in Abbas office     (thank you Stuart for sending)      
By forcing Israel to accept Fatah and Hamas as peace partners, they are meddling into Israel's affairs and basically putting the lives of Israeli citizens in serious danger.  

The implementation of the disengagement of Gush Katif has resulted in Ethnic Cleansing and Judenrein in the Gaza Strip.  The failure of the IDF to destroy the source of the Kassam rockets in Southern Israel has resulted in thousands of Jews running away from Sderot. Just today alone Terrorists in Gaza have fired a total of 13 rockets and 13 mortar shells at Israeli towns . (thank you Izzy Kaplan for latest update). The abandonment of the IDF of military units in Judea and Samaria, the dismantling of roadblocks, the arrest of military officers (Halamish brothers) when they protect their communities within Judea and Samaria, the eviction of a family when they move into their new home in Negahot, the latest decision to destroy the shul Hazon David near Kiryat Arba are all proof of subtle and not so subtle attempts to get Jews to leave their entitled Land.  This is coupled with monetary incentives which buys silence to enable the roadmap, the 2 State Solution to progress without protest. 

Can you imagine if a foreign gov't  would put pressure on the USA to stop expansion in a Jewish Community in the States e.g. Boro Park or Flatbush and then evict any new Jewish homes  that have been built recently.  Would this be considered Democracy?    Even by rules of Democracy, such actions are illegal.

Yet Israel is not meant to be a democracy.  Israel is the Land of the Jews and G-d's law is the ideal Law of the Land. 

Judaism has laws that can be misconstrued as racist.  Only the High Priest may enter the Holy of Holies and only on Yom Kippur.  Only the Priests can enter the Holy and only Levites can enter certain parts of the Temple Mount.  The land is divided among the Tribes. According to the Torah, every 50 years in the Jubilee Year, the land was returned to it's original owner's as determined by the allotment in Joshua's time.   Originally, the Land was divided by lots and which plot went to which family was also determined by lottery. Each tribe would then retain their inheritance forever.  The Priests and the Levites and the convert do not have territorial inheritance though they do have designated cities.  All the tribes accepted their designated Land apportioned to them.   Every seven years the Land is let to lie fallow and returned to the Creator of the world.  Can one tribe then claim that these laws are racists? Can an Israelite complain that it's not fair that the Temple Mount is closed to him and his family. Can he claim that the priests are racists?  Can he protest in the Jubilee year when he is forced to return the Land he "owns" to the original owner? Can he complain that the allotment of his brother is better than his own and really he is deserving?

We are awaiting the Messiah who will tell us who belongs to which tribe and once again we pray that we will know which parcel of Land if any is our rightful inheritance. In the meanwhile, we know that the Land of Israel is promised exclusively to the Nation of Israel. The Nation of Israel must keep and preserve the commandments.  Only we have entitlement.  There is place for the Ger Toshav, the resident that is not a member of the Jewish Nation, to live among us.  However, such a resident must accept the 7 Noahite Laws and accept Jewish Sovereignty. 

Is this racist?  This is Torah and from this all the blessings of peace and prosperity will flow.

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