Tuesday, April 15, 2008

News from Mattot Arim. Amona and Update Chalamish Brothers



Topic: the famous pogrom of Israeli Police against the youngsters at Amona.  Wed 16 Apr 11:30 AM, Shalom Courthouse in Russian Compound, Jerusalem. Courtroom of Judge Yehezkel Berkley. The time & date are sometimes changed at the last minute,  so please do call to confirm before you come: 0524831905 Evelyn. We can promise that you will not be bored – and that your presence will help make history, in the only Jewish state in the world.



Update regarding the Halamish brothers

Yesterday (Sunday) Yoram Sheftel, a very well known attorney, petitioned the Supreme Court to the brothers' prison sentence until a reply is received from the President to the request for a pardon.Today (14.4.08), a reply was just received deferring the prison sentence until another decision is given.

Please note: When you see future updates about the Halamish brothers you MUST read them quickly and act upon them very quickly (fax, email -- go to courthouse -- whatever you are asked to do). If the brothers, both security officers, do not continue to get alot of very fast-responding help from the public, they will both go to jail for...shooting in the air (a new crime has been born - security officers in Gush Etzion are not even allowed to shoot in the air any more).


Don't be bored on Pessach!

Go to Binyamin! Trips and other events in the area -- see details in the site of the Regional  Council of Binyamin --  http://www.binyamin.org.il/?CategoryID=194&ArticleID=1142. 


The day Jericho was captured:

Learn about it by spending a Shabat at Hogla, right near Jericho -- the Shabat right after Pessach (3 May). The famous Erna from the Matteh of Jericho would love to hear from you. Hakafas with shofars will be held on Friday, staying for Shabat is only 150 NIS per person including meals. Bus leaves Binyanei haUma in Jerusalem at 2 PM on Friday. Bring your shofar. The famous Erna from the Matteh of Jericho would love to hear from you; you MUST  register in advance. 0528699300


Returning to Atarot:

Whoops! Atarot is an industrial area and adjoining airport only 11 kilometers from Jerusalem, but the Kadima-Shas Government has gotten confused once again, and intends to give it away to the Palestinian Terror Authority. Fortunately, a veteran activist, Aryeh King, has set up the Keren leAdmot Yisrael (Fund for Land in Israel) to re-establish the Jewish presence in Atarot. The Fund will be inviting the public to Atarot on Sunday 18 May 2008.  In the meantime, couples and families can sign up for caravans -- only 40,000 NIS/couple or family which includes electricity, legal counselling and more. Preference will be given to agricultural families. You can also buy land for $60,000/dunam - please supply 3 references for this purpose however.   israellandfund@gmail.com * 054-3331057 * 02-6223196


Ask Your Kids:

Ask your school-age kids and you will find that they are learning in school, under the auspices of Pikud haOref (the Homeland  Defense branch of the army) about how we are to protect ourselves against rockets. Our children are not learning about the very best method of protecting ourselves against rockets, namely NOT to establish a Palestinian state. After all, P-A-L-E-S-T-I-N-I-A-N  S-T-A-T-E is merely a code word for "rockets on Tel-Aviv, Jerusalem and Ben-Gurion Airport". So, teach your kids this No. 1 important way to defend ourselves (say No to a Palestinian State) and remind them to explain this principles to their friends -- AND to the teacher -- the next time rockets come up for discussion in class. Also, go into the Pikud haOref site: http://www.oref.org.il/110-he/PAKAR.aspx

 And ask why the head of Pikud HaOref, Aluf Yair Golan, is not protecting us, by banging on the table insisting that no Palestinian State can come into existence?



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