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7 proofs that the IDF has lost its vision. Celebrate 60 What for?


Dear Friends, amv"sh

So many of us have idolized the State of Israel.  The beginning of our redemption. 

Yes, there is no denying the miracles of the establishment of Israel Sovereignty, finally, exclusive authority of the Nation of Israel in the Land of Israel after 2000 years!

Especially having risen from the ashes of the gas chambers in Eastern Europe.

BUT!!!!,  we must not replace the vision of a State of Israel which wishes to be a Nation like all other Nations for the real thing.  That is idolatry.

The IDF is serving foreign G-ds!  Time for massive expression of ENTITLEMENT!


1. Gush Katif  - Expulsion- Following orders of the gov't of Israel to steal property, take away the source of Parnassa of the residents of Gush Katif,  breakup families and communities, destroy synagogues, dig up graves, bring unbearable grief and emotional, physical and spiritual pain of  men women and children, residents of Gush Katif, G-d fearing Jews.  The IDF was brainwashed to follow orders. But these orders came from a foreign power.  Not the G-d of Abraham Isaac and Jacob, Yosef, Moshe, Aharon and David. 


2. Amona - Select Kassam units of the IDF cruelly commit a pogrom on unprotected, unarmed G-d fearing Jews primarily a bunch of teenagers.

DAIY!  Enough!

3..The Unnamed War in Lebanon - The IDF, a pitiful display of strength and might  of the Israeli armed forces, desiring to prove to the world that they, the IDF, are invincible. Pitiful because of their miserable  failure to so.    They held steadfast in their determination to follow orders to give away G-ds gift of Land, our heartland, Judea and Samaria to the PALESTINIANS in direct defiance to G-d's Law regarding the Biblical borders. .  IN doing so, they proved quite the opposite.  The IDF lost the war, showed no clarity of purpose, no clear strategy, were ineffective and powerless to destroy the weapons buildup of our enemies supplied by Iran and Syria to Hizbollah. clearly a terrorist group..

DAIY - Enough

3.Sderot - Turning a blind eye as Kassam rockets terrorized the citizens of Sderot.  They did not go after the source of the rocket attacks with strong determination and full force even though they had the ability to do so.  They did not go after those that gave the orders of the attacks.  Who did they go after?  The shelter of Noam Bedein the media center of Sderot.   They took it away so that it was unreachable within the 15 second time interval of a Kassam attack.  Their citizens who they were supposed to protect were left defenseless day after day, trauma after trauma.  The IDF followed the orders of a gov't that feared Washington DC and not G-d.

Daiy!  Enough!

4. Young religious girls were imprisoned, harassed and abused and treated as criminals by the Police, IDF and Prison officials for these girls failure to recognize and show any respect to a corrupt judicial and legal system that continuously showed animosity and contempt for legitimacy  of the settlers to live and settle the Land according to the Torah.

5. YESHA - Removal of 50 Roadblocks  meant to prevent terror attacks against G-d fearing Jews in Judea and Samaria as an expression of loyalty and devotion to the Godess Condeleeza Rice.

DAIY! Enough

6. YESHA - Harrassment and arrest of 2 security officers, the G-d fearing Halamish brothers, for having protected themselves and their communities.   The eviction of a family on the Eve of Pesach, of five including a pregnant wife and five kids for moving into their homes in NEGAHOT a legal settlement.  No compassion for the settlers.  Just devotion to the Goddess Condeleeza Rice and American foreign policiy.

DAI! Enough

7. Hebron- The arrival of IDF forces to destroy a synagogue  Chazon Dovid,  near Kiryat Arba, established in memory of G-d fearing Jews Dovid Cohen and Hezi Mualim  who were murdered by terrorists as a result of IDF  laxity  in security by removing roadblocks  at the time..  Another, sacrificial lamb for the Godess Condeleeza Rice.

Dai, Dai Yenu, Dai, Dai Yenu, Da Dayenu, Dayenu Dayenu!!!!!!

The cry must be heard with Clarity that the Land of Israel is our entitlement.  The IDF is

David's Vision or Bush's Vision?

David Wilder
May 04, 2008

Chazon David. Many people are familiar with the name of the small
synagogue just off the main road leading from Kiryat Arba to Hebron.
Constructed some seven years ago after the murder of David Cohen and
Hezi Mualem on the same day, the place of worship was to eternalize
their memories.

I fled from the office a little early today because our rooms and the
halls are being painted. I was speaking to one of the painters just
before leaving, telling him that I'd spent the day working on the
events occurring at Chazon David. He looked at me rather dejectedly
and told me that on that day some seven years ago, he had sent David
Cohen to buy some building material. Cohen had just arrived at the
western gate of Kiryat Arba when an Arab car drove by and opened
fire. David Cohen's car was hit and he never had a chance.

Later that night the Kiryat Arba local council met and decided to
protest the opening of a roadblock which had allowed the killers to
easily escape. They met on the road by the western gate leading from
the Ramat Mamre (Givat HaHarsina) neighborhood (now closed). Arabs
saw them there and notified some terrorists who opened fire on the
men in the pitch dark. A few men were hit, but Hezzy Mualem, then a
councilman, was killed, dying later that night in the hospital. I
remember him well, as he was a true community servant. Among other
things, he drove an ambulance and once took my wife and I to the
hospital while she was in labor with one of our children.

The synagogue's name hit the spot: Chazon (for Hezzy) David (for
David Cohen). In English the name means "David's vision."

In truth many people were unaware of the synagogue's existence.
However it did not escape the always present eyes of the Israeli
version of Big Brother. It was labeled a 'ma'achaz.' 'Ma'achazim' are
usually defined as 'hilltop settlements' but the fact that this site
was on the road in between two Kiryat Arba neighborhoods made no
difference. A 'ma'achaz' it was declared, and a 'ma'achaz' it was.
When the government decided to prove to the United States that it
really meant business, Chazon David was place on the black list; a
'settlement' to be exterminated.

Word filtered down: the site is to be destroyed. It was a few days
before Passover. Who has time, only days before the holiday, to worry
about a small synagogue? Well, it seems that many many people in
Kiryat Arba and Hebron cared very much. When the huge tractors
arrived in the middle of the night, they were met by a large group of
concerned people, men, women and children. Of course the security
forces used much force to keep them away from the actual site and
stop the destruction. The road from Hebron was closed and I had to
run up the hill to reach the synagogue.

When I arrive the bulldozer was in action. It was a terrible site,
seeing a synagogue being razed. Had it been a mosque, Israeli
security forces wouldn't have dared to implement such a solution; but
synagogues are less important than mosques, at least in the view of
Israeli decision-makers.  Down it went, plowed into the ground.

Since then the synagogue was built and knocked down countless times –
between 30 to 40 times. But, surprising or not, for the past three
years it stood undisturbed. Prayer services were held every day,
including the Shabbat. Torah classes were also conducted there.

But, as soon as the 'piece talks' started thawing out, Chazon David
was remembered: an ever ready sacrifice to be slaughtered on the
altar of pacification – pacifying the White House and its
surroundings; in this case, Ms. Rice.

We thought the time had come last week, but when word leaked out and
over 100 people showed up, ready to take on the troops, the
government backed down, albeit temporarily. However it seems that
last night they saw that the time was ripe. At about two o'clock two
policewomen in civilian clothing showed up at the guard booth at the
western gate and without a word stole the guard's security radio and
telephone. A little while later the troops showed up, sealed off the
road from Hebron and closed the Kiryat Arba gate, surrounded the
synagogue, removed its furniture, books and holy articles, and again,
plowed it down. By the time I was able to get there it was gone.

But it won't be gone for long. Kids already started laying the
foundation for the renovated synagogue. Of course, when the police
realized what was going on they brutally chased them away. But not
for long. The kids will be back, as will the adults too.

There are two kinds of visions: Bush's vision is based on temporal
results, like the Nobel Piece prize or saving his legacy post-Iraq.
There are those who buy Bush's vision, like the former editor of
HaAretz who asked Condi to "rape Israel," forcing us to "make piece,"
including numerous "painful' concessions." Others, like the current
Prime Minister, thought that Bush's vision would save his hide from
an Israeli court and maybe even a jail cell. And the list goes on and

But the Bush vision is very nearsighted, seeing only as far as his
nose, if that far. Acquiesce to  Arab terror is as far from a true
vision as is possible. Nothing could be farther from a vision founded
on truth and ideals.  That's the difference between Bush's vision and
David's Vision – one total sheker, that being falsehood, and the
other being total Emet, that being truth.

Which David? Take your choice. David Cohen and Hezzy Mualem surely
had a vision, to live a life of authentic Judaism in their land,
building Eretz Yisrael for the Jewish people. But so did their
namesakes – David, King of Israel and Yehezkel (Hezzy, for short),
King of Israel, both of whom were righteous leaders of their people.
Despite the fact that they lived thousands of years ago, their
legacy, a real legacy, still lives on today.  Their inheritance, as
well as the legacy of David Cohen and Hezzy Mualem, as personified by
the Chazon David synagogue, will exist long after Bush, Condi and
their so-called vision are long forgotten.

The Jewish Community of Hebron
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