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Fwd: Anti-Semitic violence right under my window!!! first hand report from Crown Heights

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New York City Hareidi Jew Unconscious After Attack

( A young hareidi-religious Jew from the Chabad stream was violently attacked Thursday night in New York City and is currently unconscious, HNN reported. The attackers are thought to be Jew-haters. Passersby found the young man on Albany Avenue in Brooklyn and alerted the authorities.

Police and "Hatzala" emergency medical volunteers treated the victim and evacuated him to a hospital.

Attacks on Jews in the area have become more frequent recently, and the Jewish community's representatives met with police and demanded better protection.

Yet Another Bochur Viciously Beaten and Robbed

CROWN HEIGHTS, Brooklyn [CHI] — Thursday night at around midnight, a group of men walking down Albany Ave, between Empire Blvd and Leferts Ave, saw a Jewish teen lying on the floor, unconscious and bleeding from his head. They called Hatzalah and Shomrim, who quickly responded to the scene. Hatzalah revived the teen, who couldn't remember his name or why his head hurt.

Witnesses said, they believe there were two Black male assailants who were hanging around the scene before the attack, and were seen leaving the scene with a bike looked like the one taken from the victim. There were no witnesses to the actual assault.

Hatzalah transported the teen to the Kings County Hospital, where he is scheduled to get a CT scan. Shomrim members who responded to the scene could not get a proper description of the assailants from the victim, from memory loss due the trauma he sustained.

The teen, which is 16 years old, was cycling up Albany Ave, when he was attacked and viciously beaten, to the point of unconsciousness. Hours later the teen still could not remember exactly what happened, or who did it to him, but did tell detectives that he was missing his cell phone, watch, wallet and the bike he was riding on.

Many detective were observed at the scene of the attack along with brass of the 71st precinct, who were investigating the incident, which as this time is still not clear what its being classified as.

In case of an emergency never hesitate to call 911 and Shomrim at (718) 774-3333 24/7

Well guys, this happened right under my window.  My wife woke up and got me out of bed with the commotion.  By then the attackers were gone and Shmirah could only call hatzalah to get the boy rushed into a hospital.
On Friday afternoon there was a demonstration than went from here to the 71st Precinct's headquarters, with a large crowd chanting "Jewish blood is not cheap!".  It is the 3rd incident of violence against Jews in the neighborhood within the past few days.

I took a few pictures of what was going on:

Carrying a picture of how the victim looked on the ER's bed

"Every Jew a 22"  -- it is becoming a Chabad slogan...

The crowd blocking the traffic on Albany.  I live in the building on the right.

From the entrance to my building, neighbors gathered to watch the crowd marching on to the 71 precinct, 4 blocks away.

The police was around through that night and the next day, and a double camera has been set on that corner looking both Empire Blvd. and Albany Ave., with a sign that warns about the 24/7 vigilance.

A non-Jewish neighbor demanded that the building remain locked at night, with only identified visitors being allowed to come in.

Next time someone ask me if traveling through Judea and Samaria is dangerous, I'll punch them in the face!,4653.msg36394.html#msg36394

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