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Action Alert : Pollard: 'I Can’t Get Out of Jail without Israel's Help

What we can do in America to help Pollard? Take the contact information presented below.  While on the phone with the Foreign Affairs Committee in Congress, lobbying about removing constraints to kill terrorist leaders, bring up Pollard. 
Tterrorist leaders if caught alive have been put into Israeli prison and serve as professors for advanced terrorism courses to other Palestinians sitting in jail thereby upgrading their fellow Palestinians with relative unsophisticated knowledge of terror to a higher level.  Many of these students and sometimes the terrorist leaders themselves with blood on their hands are then released only to continue in their acts of terror on a more sophisticated level.
Compare this with Pollard who is also sitting in prison, who the gov't of Israel has abandoned  and mention that his motivation was to share intelligence regarding a matter of Israel's security, with Israel, an ally. The intelligence he shared was intelligence to which Israel was rightfully entitled according to the existing agreement with Israel and USA.  Ask why America did not share the intelligence themselves as they were obligated to,  putting Jonathan Pollard in a moral dillemma????  Say you believe that indeed Jonathan Pollard is a hero of the highest moral character and it is a national crime of the highest degree that he has been sitting in jail ! 
David Bedein writes:

Sent: Thursday, May 01, 2008 
Subject: Attn US citizens: Ask Congress to remove constraints on Israel to kill terror leaders and kill human shields in Gaza

US policy presently allows Israel to shoot at rocket launchers in Gaza -  not those who give the order to shoot from Gaza..

Each time Israel mounts the slightest military operation towards Gaza, the US intervenes.
We in the world of  journalism can easily locate and reach Gaza leaders who  give the orders to fire mortars into the Western Negev.

The IDF can also locate and reach the same culprits.

The US State Dep't has repeated time and again that Israel must not kill non combatants, including people who give orders to fire.

There are several US groups who now organize massive pressure on the US  to not allow Israel to respond militarily.

The answer must be stated simply: Dead terrorists cannot give orders to kill.

It is vital for US citizens to bombard members of the Middle East Subcommittee of the US House Foreign Affairs Committee with one message:
Here are the members:
The tel. of all congress people is: 202-224-3121
The Message:
Hundreds of people must flood Rep. Howard Berman, chairman of the US House Foreign Affairs Committee and Rep. Gary Ackerman, chairman of the Middle East Subcommittee of the US House Foreign Affairs committee with that message
Speaking personally, the lives of my children in  Sderot depend on this message being delivered to those who can remove US restraints on Israel.
David Bedein
Bureau Chief, Israel Resource News Agency
President, Center for Near East Policy Research

PS IF there is someone who could sponsor an immediate ad of this nature, RSVP. ASAP

Pollard: 'I Can't Get Out of Jail without Israel's Help
30 Nissan 5768, May 5, '08
  .articaltitle {font-size: 14pt}
( Jailed American Jonathan Pollard, imprisoned for life
for passing on classified information to Israel 23 years ago, told
the Hareidi religious daily HaModia that the American government will
not pardon him without the involvement of the Israeli government. He
stated that former Prime Minister Ministers Yitzchak Rabin and
Binyamin (Bibi) Netanyahu are the only two leaders who acted on his

Pollard stated, "The people in the White House are not stupid; they
see the negligence of the Israeli government and the Jewish

He added that the American Jewish community also needs to play a
larger role in his appeal for relief from the severe sentence, which
usually is no more than four years in prison for similar offenses.
"If the Jewish community here would have understood this to be their
moral obligation - if not for me, for you yourselves, I would have
gotten out," he said n an interview. "And it is not too late…. My
message to the Jewish community is if you won't speak up about it,
then you are agreeing with it

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