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Fwd: Comments re: IDF. They are just tools of the Political class.

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Thank you Akiva for your excellent comments.  Besides the typo of Kassam instead of Yassam, it's pretty apparent that the Security of the Jewish people be it  IDF, police or Yassam is as Akiva puts it a tool for the political class or as David Bedein says acting in response to American intervention, removing functional generals and replacing them with like-politically-minded sycophants. 

We can say the same thing about the Judicial system.  Judges do do not carry out justice but are the same like-politically-minded sycophants.  What is with Misphat Ivri?

Apparently the police serves not to protect the security of the citizens rather are the same like-politically-minded sycophants..

How about the Media. Where is the voice of Judea and Samaria.  Why is A7 banned? Same as the above in the mainstream media.

How about the Rabbinate? Are they speaking up for Torah or appointed by the political class and misrepresent that as Torah?

So .....
Isn't there a Higher Authority?
What are officers to do when commanded to carry out immoral orders?

What are citizens to do when their legal system is corrupt and not just.  What's the point of going to court?

What are religious Jews to do when their appointed Rabbis of the political class promote the political agenda rather than Torah.

Akiva writes:
I agree with what you wrote, but a few fact corrections:

2. Amona - Select Kassam units of the IDF cruelly commit a pogrom on unprotected, unarmed G-d fearing Jews primarily a bunch of teenagers.

- Yassam, not Kassam.
- Yassam is a special riot police division, who receive crowd brutalization training. (really)  They are not army, nor even regular police.  I have a picture of this from an event where they tore down a synagogue in Hevron last night I'll send you (you'll see the difference).

3. The IDF command structure was changed under the Sharon & Peres regimes, removing functional generals and replacing them with like-politically-minded sycophants.  They revamped the IDF battle structure to fit their new-middle-east world view, which of course didn't really exist.  You know the results.  My point being, the IDF is a tool of the political class, not an independent entity.

3. S'derot - same statement, the IDF provides or doesn't the coverage or defense that the political class orders.  They present attack plans and are told not to.  They present defense plans and are also told not to.  S'derot is not being left out to dry by the IDF, but by Kadima.

7. No, the police did.  I'll send pictures so you have an example.  Same story as above.

I don't idolize the IDF, but neither do I condemn them for following orders.  That's what we expect armies to do.  When they don't, we call it a military coup.

David Bedein writes:

Sent: Thursday, May 01, 2008 
Subject: Attn US citizens: Ask Congress to remove constraints on Israel to kill terror leaders and kill human shields in Gaza

US policy presently allows Israel to shoot at rocket launchers in Gaza -  not those who give the order to shoot from Gaza..

Each time Israel mounts the slightest military operation towards Gaza, the US intervenes.
We in the world of  journalism can easily locate and reach Gaza leaders who  give the orders to fire mortars into the Western Negev.

The IDF can also locate and reach the same culprits.

The US State Dep't has repeated time and again that Israel must not kill non combatants, including people who give orders to fire.

There are several US groups who now organize massive pressure on the US  to not allow Israel to respond militarily.

The answer must be stated simply: Dead terrorists cannot give orders to kill.

It is vital for US citizens to bombard members of the Middle East Subcommittee of the US House Foreign Affairs Committee with one message:
Here are the members:
The tel. of all congress people is: 202-224-3121
The Message:
Hundreds of people must flood Rep. Howard Berman, chairman of the US House Foreign Affairs Committee and Rep. Gary Ackerman, chairman of the Middle East Subcommittee of the US House Foreign Affairs committee with that message
Speaking personally, the lives of my children in  Sderot depend on this message being delivered to those who can remove US restraints on Israel.
David Bedein
Bureau Chief, Israel Resource News Agency
President, Center for Near East Policy Research

PS IF there is someone who could sponsor an immediate ad of this nature, RSVP. ASAP

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