Sunday, May 18, 2008

Recent Violence and Unrest in Crown Heights Mah inyan Shemitttah....


This past weekend and in recent weeks there has been significant increase of unrest and violence in Crown Heights. There have been stabbings and assaults which seem racially motivated by the African American community since there is no report of theft.

 These incidents are being dealt with lightly and those that act aggressively in self defense are dealt as equals as the perpetrator and being put into jail. Charles Hynes DA is treating a recent incident where the Jew was the apparent aggressor extremely harshly.  In contrast, this Bloomberg administration and Charles Hynes DA is turning a blind eye to recent antisemitic attacks in the Crown Heights community and barely addressing the homicide of a Jew, Klein 2 years ago in Crown Heights. .

A community spokesman Barry of Crown Heights said that the residents of  Crown Heights are fearful in their neighborhood and the Jewish community feels that since the Jews are generally peaceful, the administration will not respond forcefully to the perpetratorsof  these acts of violence, not recognizing them as racial or antisemitic,  in fear of possible reprisals from extreme members of the African American community.   In other words they are responding with appeasement. 

To the Jews in Yesha this sounds vaguely familiar.  They too are persecuted as the aggressors and aggression against them is ignored unless it involves extreme loss of life and suffering.

How is the violence in Crown Heights related to Shemittah?  It is my belief and understanding that Shemittah is the root cause for all anti-Semitism including the local variety  that is now hitting us Brooklynites in our backyards.

If all Jews would desire to keep Shemittah properly we would proclaim our entitlement to the entire Land of Israel and be willing to defend our entitlement militarily etc.  This would put fear in the hearts of the Islam fundamentalist that have stolen our identity and call us the occupiers. Perverted Islam theology is influencing the African American community throughout the US including Barak  OBAMA.  This perverted Islamic "theology" is awakening feelings of antisemitism all over the world especially Europe and now against the Jewish community in Crown Heights.

Please stand with your Jewish  brothers in Crown Heights and call your elected officials to respond in a forceful manner not to tolerate antisemitic attacks taking place and not to have a double standard.   While you are speaking to your local elected officials speak out for the entitlement of our Land in Israel, against the Roadmap and tell them that Judea and Samaria has suffered similar attacks by the Palestinians and the gov't of Israel has turned a blind eye  to attacks against their citizens removing roadblocks etc...  This is due to the pressure of the United States gov't to promote and endorse the Roadmap.  American Dollars are being used to build up the Palestinian territories whose goals are the destruction of the Jewish communities in Judea and Samaria and the destruction of the entire Israel.  This has empowered Islamic fundamentalism which has spread to our local communities.

We do not stand by the blood of our fellow Jew, neither in the Holy Land nor in Crown Heights!

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