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In America, We Don't Worship Government. We Worship G-d! Donald Trump...Israel must be Sovereign over Temple Mount (general consensus)


Trump gets it right! We believe that there is a G-d of Justice and Truth!

To quote President Donald Trump "In America, we don't worship government, we worship God."

Please pass on this message to ... Jared Kushner, David Friedman and Jason Greenblatt.  Do Trump a favor and be true to G-d.  Trump has you in a position of influence for a reason.  3 Shomer Shabbat advisors in his inner circle. Surrounded by G-d Fearing, wonderful loyal advisers who love Israel with their heart and soul,  Mike Pence, Mike Huckabee and John Bolton.... 

Dear Inner Circle Jewish Trump Advisers...As educated, practicing, and believing Jews, you know what G-d's Word is. You have studied Torah.  Be True to Torah. You will then be the absolute best adviser to the President. Don't be afraid!  

With Israeli's betrayal to G-d on Temple Mount, Trump had an awful week as well!  McCain seems to have  betrayed the Republican Party stopping the repeal of Obamacare. I don't envy McCain especially now that he has been diagnosed with brain cancer.  Maybe he truly believes that Obamacare is the very best medical coverage one can receive.  I bless him (may G-d have pity) that his Medical care will be with Obamacare and that he will be rewarded in kind with the same kind of medical treatment he voted for all Americans. (I think it makes sense that all the Senators who voted for Obamacare should be required to be insured with Obamacare)

Re: Temple Mount

There is a consensus among Jews and Israeli's that Israel must be Sovereign over Temple Mount!

It greatly pained the Jewish people to see the removal of the metal detectors.  

Again, a message to Trump's G-d Fearing advisors....G-d will fight our battles. Let us not be afraid!  Let us learn from Parshat Devorim and from the  battle Moshe Rabbeinu fought Og and Sichon and with the Giants and against Midyan on the  Jordan River and defeated them soundly. It happened only with G-d's help!  

We must do our part and Hashem will do the rest! Elef LeMateh, Elef leMateh.  Some soldiers were on the battlefield to fight and others to pray lest the ones that go to fight get too arrogant that their might and strength made them victorious.  

I don't judge anyone nor their leadership. Not Netanyahu nor David Friedman.... 

It is difficult to acknowledge that one made a mistake.  Let us acknowledge that G-d gives us the ability to win and to lose.  and we should be giving the credit  to Hashem.  When one finally succeeds it is important to know and understand that it was because the Almighty G-d allowed him to win and then to Thank and Praise G-d accordingly.  

It seems pretty clear to me and to others that America should have encouraged Israel to keep the Metal Detectors in Place and to remain Sovereign over Temple Mount. When Ambassador David Friedman came out with a strong statement against the Terror attack on Temple Mount, he gave the Netanyahu Administration the courage to close down the Mount and install the metal detectors. That was an amazing moment!... It lasted too short but it had the taste of the World to Come!

 America soon buckled under the intense pressures and then Israel capitulated as well!  When Israel showed weakness to keep control of Temple Mount our enemies got stronger!

U.S. Muslim Leaders Promote Nationwide Protests Despite Israeli Concessions

"The Battle over Jerusalem Has Just Begun" by Bassam Tawil
August 1, 2017 (The Author is an Arab Muslim based in the Middle East)

Israel caught in a trap of its own making
By Barry Shaw, JPOST

INTO THE FRAY -The Temple Mount: No longer in our hands?
By Martin Sherman

PA demands: Recognize Palestine - then we'll consider land swaps
Nabil Shaath, a confidant of Mahmoud Abbas, says that talk of land swaps can only come after Israel recognizes Palestine.

Therefore, Sovereignty Must only be for Israel!  Not the Waqf and not Jordan!  

Only Israel is the Chosen People.  The Promised Land was Promised to the Children of Israel  and those who accept Israel's Sovereignty and the 7 Noahide Laws.

Reading the pundits  lifts my spirits to see unity among the Jewish people on the matter of Temple Mount coming even from those who are from the left.
The Jewish Week
Gary Rosenblatt's front page article in the Jewish Week entitled s Truth Under The Gun?O.J., Trump and the Big Lie about the Temple Mount.BY GARY ROSENBLATT July 26, 2017,

Many ask "Why not sharing Sovereignty with Jordan and Egypt?"

John Bolton's Two State Solution Not Viable. Proposal for a 3 State Solution. Israel, Jordan and Egypt. My Objections to this Proposal and Alternative Proposals in Brainstorming mode! Monday, June 05, 2017

This entire incident opened our eyes clearly about Jordan.  John Bolton who loves Israel was deceived with Jordan, hoping that they and Egypt can be a peace partner but after what happened on Temple Mount, I hope he sees the truth of the matter.  

Jordan. Is this whom we want to be in charge of the Palestinian State?

Peace Partner: Jordan's King Vows to 'Stop the Judaisation' of Temple Mount

At Amman Protest, Hundreds of Jordanians Call for Cancellation of Peace Treaty With Israel

Ever since the destruction of the 2nd Temple,Israel's Sovereignty over Temple Mount has been in the mindset and prayers and dreams of all those who Believe in the G-d of Israel.  This is the key to World Peace and Prosperity.  If Israel does not assert it's legitimate Sovereignty, the entire world will suffer and terror will reign.

Re: 2 State Solution - Cut your losses

so openly admit 
  • Oslo was a mistake, 
  • The Status Quo is a mistake, 
  • letting any other country other than Israel be responsible for its security and Sovereignty is a mistake

Encourage Israel to be strong and reinstall the metal detectors.  There should be no negotiation regarding who should control Temple Mount. 

Both Torah and Islam wants exclusive Sovereignty.  Mutually exclusive. The Establishment of the  Kingdom of G-d. This is known in Hebrew as Malchut Shamayim.  The Lion Kingdom vs Skar.

Islam calls for the beheading of Jews and the enslavement of the women.  Jews are forbidden even to move their lips in prayer on Temple Mount when the Waqf is in control.  

In contrast, when Israel is in charge,  all people are welcome and invited to come pray from all corners of the earth and all nationalities. 

Judaism calls for all the Nations to Stream to Jerusalem and bring gifts to Hashem. See Isaiah Chapter 2.

The fulfillment of this prophesy is what terrifies our enemies and what has triggered a worldwide call for a Day of Rage. 

Let us embrace this prophesy rather than run from it as Israel's fear of taking on a leadership role feeds our enemies wrath. 


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