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Fwd: Moshe Feiglin: On Har HaBayit: Surrender Now Will Lead to Terrible War

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They murdered two Israeli police officers. They murdered a family. But they are the 'victims' and the 'insulted'. They are the ones who must be appeased and they are the ones who now have the legitimacy to continue to murder Jews.

Because for fifty years we have been saying that the Temple Mount is theirs.

It is not Israeli sovereignty on the Temple Mount that creates war; it is the denial of that sovereignty that opens the door to conflict.

The temporary price that Israel will pay for leaving the metal detectors in place at the entrance to the Temple Mount and clinging to our sovereignty there is nothing compared to the all-out-war that we are inviting to our Land.

If we surrender now and remove the metal detectors and prove with finality that the Temple Mount truly is theirs – and only theirs – we are admitting that they were right to murder the Jews.

If the beating heart of the Holy Land belongs to them – then the rest of the Land belongs to them, as well.

And all their murderous acts throughout Israel are simply part of their just war against the Occupation.

There is a price for clinging to the justness of our sovereign existence in the Land of Israel.

But if we surrender now, we will bring the most horrendous of wars upon ourselves.

A war of a People who has lost its sense of justice.

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