Friday, July 21, 2017

US State Department Blames Israel’s “Settlements” for Palestinian Terrorism - Breaking Israel News | Latest News. Biblical Perspective.



Comments: Please pass on to Jason Greenblatt, David Friedman, Jared Kushner and members of the Trump Administration who can influence foreign policy.

After reading about the State Department's annual report to Congress on terrorism, it seems quite clear that Rex Tillerson and the State Department have a bias against Israel.

Let us set the record staight!

As MK Tzippi Hatoveli pointed out, the Palestinians are oppressed by their own leaders who keep their people in refugee camps and whose corrupt leadership has over the years pocketed billions of dollars.  They have ongoing policies awarding terrorists and their families with generous stipends..

And Tillerson is blaming the Jewish Settlers for the unrest? Shame on him! 

 Tillerson's recommendations to empower the Palestinian Authority and blame Israel is actually hurtful to the Palestinians themselves who rather than being encouraged to better their lives with opportunities living peacefully under Israels Sovereignty are taught to glorify jihad and commit jihad and hate Israel and America. 

The State Departments report seems to justify Arab aggression while putting blame on Israel for defending herself. 

Are Jewish lives Hefker (of no value)? This bias endangers the lives of peaceful Jewish settlers whose only crime is defending themselves and building homes and lives for themselves and their families in Judea and Samaria their ancient Biblical homeland!

What a disappointment. Wish there was someone in charge in the State Department on Israels side whose vision wasn't so off.

In addition, the State Department should reevaluate funding they have given to Palestinian Police. I would recommend that they contact David Bedein investigative journalist who has found that the sophisticated training and weapons supplied by the USA has been used against Israel.  What else would you expect from highly trained soldiers whose education from an early age, even in Israel proper and in the Palestinian territories has been to hate Israel and the West?

David Bedein has done comprehensive research and produced videos of UNRWA funded schools and training camps and translated their textbooks. Rex Tillerson and the State Dept are ignorant of facts on the ground and should be thoroughly briefed.

Dear Mr. Tillerson, 

One need only to look at the celebrations and dispersal of candy following 9/11 in Palestinian territories in the West Bank (as designated as such by State Dept) to understand that those who blame the Jewish Settlers also blame the USA. 

Dont expect sincere expressions of gratitude for your report on their behalf. They, Palestinian police, are for good reason, suspect to have no compunction using your aid to shoot or stab any American who they consider a kfir (an outsider to Islam in the name of Jihad). 

The values of the leadership of the Palestinians are not consistent with what we in America take for granted as they are not consistent with the laws of universal morality. This is reflected on the constant terror attacks against innocent civilians. Israel's response to defend itself is totally justified and should not be perceived as aggression nor murder!

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