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From Daniel Luria: Shame and disgrace for removing metal detectors. SEEMS that Arab violence "works" !!! From Daniel Luria (Ateret Cohanim)


For your information in case you want to write letters in protest of the gov't weakness in removing the metal detectors: courtesy of Mattot Arim:

EMAIL ADDRESSES: ISRAELI MINISTERS & MK's: כתובות מייל של שרים וח"כים;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;,;;

Cabinet decides to remove metal detectors from Temple Mount

Watch Honest Reporting: Temple Mount: What's the point in praying if you can't bring your gun? Daniel Pomerantz Senior Editor. See 1:13 into video

"...The media was saying that the Palestinians who remained outside of the metal detector were protesting.  But they were not. They were actually shouting death threats saying that they were intending to murder Israeli men and mass rape Israeli women as Mohammad had done in Khaibar massacre in the year 628.  Honest Reporting was present at these so called protests and heard the death threats in person. But even though translators were readily available to the Press, here is what the media had to say about the death threats.  NOTHING" The next day Palestinians threw fire bombs and tires at Israelis. Three were killed in the act. At least one of them when his Molotov cocktails exploded in his hands. So far we havent found this in any mainstream press".... . 

context: Khaiber  A village where 800 Jewish men got slaughtered in front of families and women taken as sex slaves, by first army of Islam.  We don't have to use our imagination.  This is precisely what ISIS has done to the Yezidis. 

Now please watch this video of this brave American kid on Shabbat on Security Patrol named Goldstein  with a powerful message.  He is the one who now has to protect a community like CHALAMISH in Judea from terrorist infiltration. Why should it be all on his shoulders?  He is sharing with us his burden. So I say to my fellow Jews in the Diaspora....We are all each others guarantors.  Kol Yisroel Areivim Zeh LeZeh.  As Moshe Rabeinu rebuked the Tribe of Reuvein and Gad ""Will your brothers go to war and conquer Israel while you remain here peacefully?" 

Goldstein makes it a point that Palestinian communities do not need such protections as they  have no need to worry that Jewish settlers will infiltrate their homes and murder them.  Let me add that unfortunately the SHABAK has taken the side of the enemy with the Duma blood libel and tried to frame hilltop youth following torture and forced confessions of hilltop youth for arson and murder of a Palestinian family  (and came out empty handed).  

Where is the IDF protecting this community? Why is Goldstein left on his lonesome to defend his community? 

Where is COGAT (Coordination of Government Activity in the Territories) ?   Doesn't Civil Administration mean making protection of the community a number one priority for Jewish Settlement in Judea and Samaria?  That is not their priority as is pretty obvious from their website!

This is all happening in the month of Av.  It is an auspicious time  for bad leadership!  But we the people, grass roots, we must not repeat the mistakes of the past!  

The IDF, the Shabak and now the Netanyahu government are all complicit with a terrible CHILLUL HASHEM!  But WE the people are NOT!

The People must not accept their Leadership so that we won't be complicit as were the Jews in the Desert! Put your protest on your facebook page, email your protest to the Knesset members,  email it to friends so that when you face your Creator after 120 years they will see that you did not sit silent to allow this Chillul Hashem to happen!

We must turn to Hashem and beg for alternative leadership. We must yell and scream as  Daniel Luria is doing, as Dr. Paul Brody is doing as I am doing and  share your outrage with all your lists and whatsapp groups and websites and blogs and demand that Jews start asserting their rights to Eretz Yisroel and asserting Jewish Sovereignty and control over Har HaBayit and Maarat Hamachpela in Hebron by asserting control and jurisdiction! 

We probably need to go one step further for Teshuva in our day than just stop the talking campaign to bring the Geula as per the well publicized video of HaRav Sorotzkin. We now have the opportunity to literally, Pshuto KeMashmaoh,  show that we yearn for Malchus Shamayim, the Kingdom of Heaven (not Islam), Malchut Beit David (not Netanyahu) and the Beit HaMikdash (not Al Aksa)  with our insistence that Israel assert control of security on Har HaBayit, Temple Mount.  

Rabbi Yitzchok Sorotzkin Teshuva: Stop the Talking Campaign. Going one step further... Yearn for Malchut Shamayim, Malchut Beit David, Beit Hamikdash.

Only then will Tisha Baav turn from a day of mourning to a day of Celebration.

Watch this interview on BBC where the BBC interviewer argues repeatedly in favor or removing the metal detectors with Naftali Bennett.  Here we see Chillul Hashem big time!

This newscaster tries to convince Netanyahu that Israel should remove the metal detectors, even though he admits he sees the rationale not to remove the metal detectors, based on the fact that the  IDF and SHABAK are in favor of removing the Metal Detectors on Har Habayit.   Naftali Bennett finds himself in the difficult position to somehow defend Israel's position not to remove the metal detectors even though the IDF and the SHABAK are in favor of removing the metal detectors. .   
Bennett on BBC: "Read my lips: Temple Mount is open". 

Ok Bennett, what is your next move?  The IDF and SHABAK seem to have won this round over the will of the Jewish People and the Police and over sanity. 

The betrayal of Defense Minister Lieberman and the Shabak is not surprising to those who have followed Lieberman and Shabak. We saw it coming with their reaction and mistreatment of Elor Azaria and their mistreatment of the hilltop youth

IDF soldier who killed subdued terrorist in Hebron convicted of manslaughter
Re: Elor Azaria "...This is a tough verdict but it must be accepted; we are all duty-bound to honor the ruling and show restraint," Defense Minister Avigdor Lieberman said.He said that while he personally "didn't like" the verdict, Azaria's supporters had to "stop lashing out against the IDF chief of staff, because we must keep the military above the political fray."
Lieberman said Azaria and his family would receive help from the IDF "in every way possible."

Yes the IDF soldier showed restrained in neutralizing the terrorist in Chalamish who is now being nursed to health. I am glad that Lieberman is seeing the fruits of his labors as it will surely comes back to haunt him and Gadi Eisenkot as well when they see first hand the blood stained kitchen of the Solomon family . Maybe that is why Lieberman is now calling for the death penalty for the terrorist. However, If he is so weak regarding metal detectors what chance is there of following through. . Political fray dominates his military judgement. He bends with political pressure.   If we yell and scream about the metal detectors and demand his resignation we can probably get him to change his tune.   He will talk tough until the Arabs carry on and then he will retreat. 

Should he be our Defense Minister?. 

We know he can be real tough when it comes to the settlers.  But they won't threaten him with knives and machine guns and death threats!
Re: recent Amona Expulsion  - Mattot Arim has been sounding the alarm about Lieberman who supported it!

Fwd: [Mattotarim] Will Cabinet vote for Liberman's Carrots?
Fwd: Mattot Arim Build in all of Judea and Samaria not just in small settlement blocs a fraction of the area. Women in Green: Lieberman is mistaken & misleading ליברמן טועה ומטעה Don't put the blame on Trump Administration!

Lieberman and Shabak persecuted the Hilltop Youth as have been documented on my blog Shemittah rediscovered.  

False Criminalization of Hilltop Youth by Defense Minister Lieberman and Shabak. Why? ( 'They overturned beds and came out empty-handed' - Israel National News

COGAT as well must go!

Go on the COGAT which is the   Civil Administration of Judea and Samaria website to see the pro Palestinian BIAS that the Jewish Settlers in Judea and Samaria are forced to live,  under the Netanyahu Administration.

Do not cry in despair as did the Jews in the desert. Simply tell the leadership that you do NOT support their betrayal to G-d and the Jewish People by caving in to the demands of a G-dless people.  These murderers who were calling in their protest to behead the men and rape the Jewish women have been  given the green light to openly call for the violation of Basic Laws of Civilization known as the Seven Noahide Laws. This is a sure recipe for Terrible War and destruction on our Holy Soil. 

Let us call  a different Leadership and for a vote of no confidence of the Likud Netanyahu Administration who caved in.  They are unworthy to be Leaders of a Jewish Nation in these dangerous times!

Sincerely, Robin Ticker. 

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Subject: Shame and disgrace for removing metal detectors. SEEMS that Arab violence "works" !!! From Daniel Luria (Ateret Cohanim)
Arab incitement, terror and violence "works" !!!

A few simple questions for our friends and readers.

1/ Why did Mayor Barkat back down and agree to retroactively approve over 60 homes, that were illegally built in a national park-green zoned area - called Gan HaMelech, between the City of David and the old Yemenite Village of Shiloach?

2/ Why are Jews forbidden to pray at the Temple Mount and even arrested by Israeli authorities, if they pray or do anything of a "religious" nature on the Temple Mount?

3/ Why or how did the Wakf and the Moslem Arab world get away with dumping over 100 truckloads of artifacts and debris from Temple times, outside the Old City and how did they manage to illegally build another mosque in the catacombs under Har HaBayit and near the ElAksa mosque? How did they get away with fixing the bulge in the Southern Wall themselves, as opposed to Israeli authorities fixing the Jewish holy site and wall, before it was going to collapse?

4/ How do the Arabs get away with building illegally nearly everywhere and anywhere in the eastern neighbourhoods of Jerusalem?(And beyond in Judea and Samaria)

5/ Why are Jews who live in the old Jewish Quarter (Moslem Quarter) of the Old City, limited in their movements and told to stay i their homes, during certain times in Ramadan? Why are we even "forced" to place security cameras, security systems, security doors and rooftop playgrounds in our compounds in and around the Old City? Why?

(We can also add  - why is the Israeli Government "scared" and very hesitant to give building permits in Jerusalem or in Judea and Samaria (area "C"), while the Arabs build as they desire? And also - why do we simply return these filthy sick terrorists bodies to their families for burial?)


Why did or is the Israeli Government/Cabinet which is currently being run by Netanyahu's Likud, apparently back down, and will soon effectively remove the metal detectors that were placed at the gateway entrances to the Temple Mount after the recent killing of 2 Israeli policemen by a few Arab terrorists?(Just like the metal detectors checking those entering the Kotel area, the Cave of Patriarchs in Chevron, Bituach Leumi..etc)

The answer
Because -  Arab incitement, terror and violence "works" !!!
(And also because the "heads" on our so-called leaders shoulders are still stuck in the shtetl..... and because some of our pathetic weak leaders are still scared of the "goyim" and what the "goyim" will say.(This can be the UN, USA, the Arab League or Jordan...etc) Maybe some even think, that we are simply a star on another country's flag, instead of proudly recognizing that we have our own star of David on our own blue and white flag.
International pressure coupled with Arab violence (And Jordanian subtle threats) has sadly "done it again" !! 

To my-our democratically elected Israeli Government:

I firstly hope, that i will wake up, and all the above, will be just a bad nightmare, and you will show strength, and leave the metal detectors in place.

Shame on you for removing the metal detectors and showing such weakness.
(They - our enemies will only gain strength from this back-stepping move. Don't be surprised when you are "eaten for breakfast". This is the WILD middle EAST !!)

Shame on you for not internalizing that we - the Jewish people, are the indigenous people of this land, and that we are the true baal habayit of Israel, Yerushalayim and also of Har HaBayit !!!!

Shame on you for allowing Arab violence, Arab rioters, Moslem fanaticism  and world pressure (USA, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Egypt...etc) to "run" this country and dictate terms to you.

** At the time of writing this email - "rumours" are circulating regarding Israel"bowing and typically bending" to Jordan/WAKF pressure, and may remove the metal detectors from entrances to Har HaBayit if Israel wishes to see the release of the Israeli security personnel and others from the Israel Embassy in Jordan after the recent shooting of yet another sick Arab-Jordanian terrorist by security personnel.
Sad and unbelievable.

You the Israeli Government - NOTE: Jewish blood spilled in the past and Jewish blood that may unfortunately be spilled in the future, in and around the Old City - is partially on your heads, for giving 'them' the wrong message and giving them "wind in their sails" !!!

It's time for a new breed of leadership.
A Jewish leadership who truly understands who we are as G-d's chosen people - our heritage-history, our eternal rights to this land...a leadership that can translate the concept of being a "baal habayit" into reality on the ground...who internalize exactly who are our hate-filled and violent Arab-Moslem enemies (Thorns in our sides and who according to Torah should be driven out - see end chapters of the Book of light of recent stabbings and horrific killings and subsequent support by other Arabs)....who aren't afraid of the goyim or world pressure or Arab pressure and violence.....who wont show weakness but will rather act with both strength and strength of conviction... who crush the head of the "Arab-Moslem fundamentalist" snake...AND who preempt and take the initiative and not just react like 'kneejerks'.

Its time for real positive change to our leadership.

Daniel Luria

*** This current Israeli Cabinet-Government - if the above is true, will have shown it can truly be defined by its own "BDS"
5777 - תשע"ז  May it be the year of "The City - Jerusalem" (עיר) of Gold. ('זהב')
May G-d's City - Yerushalayim Shel Zahav, be rebuilt and restored to its previous glory for the Jewish People.
May it be a year of "עז"- strength for Jerusalem and Am Yisrael.
Next year in a united Jerusalem with a flourishing Jewish life centred around religious educational institutes.
Daniel Luria    
Shalom Al Yisrael  VeLehitraot BaAretz
Executive Director Ateret Cohanim-ISRAEL   0546544407  


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Robin Ticker

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