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Today's Commentary:  A heartening trend  -- Russia and Obama DOJ -- Iran doesn't keep it's word -- The Clinton email controversy returns -- Best wishes



This week's Senate confirmation hearing for President Trump's FBI Director nominee Christopher Wray brought a heartening new trend we haven't seen in Congress in quite a while. After he stood up to an intense grilling during which he vowed to conduct his job in a non-partisan way with no political considerations, and to resign if the President pressured him to break the law, Wray received praise and endorsements from both Democrats and Republicans.

The bipartisan agreement was a welcome change, but that wasn't what I was talking about. The heartening new trend was hearing Senate Democrats declare that officials in non-partisan positions should resign rather than politicize their offices or ignore the law to please the President. I'd been longing to hear them say that since about, oh…2009.

Happy Friday America!


Mike Huckabee



Russia and Obama DOJ

By Mike Huckabee

Most of the news accounts relating to that wild, Kremlin-sourced Christopher Steele dossier on Trump that led to the current "Russia Russia Russia" hysteria have been vague about how it ended up in James Comey's hands. "It found its way to the FBI," the stories typically say. But we know that Sen. John McCain is responsible for this, because he acknowledged hearing about the dossier, tracking it down and giving it to the FBI. Here's some background on that fateful event, first reported by The Guardian back in January but interesting to review in light of what we're learning now about the origins of the dossier, the role played by Fusion GPS and the odd presence of Russian attorney Natalia Veselnitskaya…


As for Veselnitskaya, we wanted to know more about her, and what we're hearing today is cause for concern and lots of questions. It's not clear how she was even able to be in the country when she obtained the meeting last July with Donald Trump, Jr., and appeared at public events in subsequent days. According to The Hill, Justice Department and State Department officials "could not immediately explain" that. After being turned down for a visa to enter this country legally –- reason, please? –- Veselnitskaya, who spoke no English, had received an extremely rare grant of "immigration parole" from then-Attorney General Loretta Lynch, ostensibly to be with her client during court proceedings, but that had expired the previous January. Also, she and some American officials who were working for repeal of the Magnitsky Act were supposed to register as foreign agent lobbyists but reportedly never did so.

Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Sen. Chuck Grassley has demanded that the government turn over all records related to Veselnitskaya's entrance to the United States and her travel while here, but...well, good luck with that, Senator. Loretta Lynch may no longer be around to stonewall, but we can be sure others remain who will.



Iran doesn't keep it's word

By Mike Huckabee

A new report citing German intelligence agency information claims that Iran is cheating on the terms of Obama's cherished Iranian nuclear deal. Iran was supposed to stop trying to obtain illicit nuclear technology in exchange for billions of dollars in sanctions relief. Instead, it appears they took the money and are using it to finance more nuclear weapons technology and terrorist activities. The German sources cite 49 instances, including efforts to produce long-range ballistic missiles through third-party nations, such as a secret Iranian weapons factory in Syria.

Iran not keeping its word to be peaceful, give up pursuing nuclear weapons, and join hands with its neighbors to sing Woody Guthrie songs? Whoever could have possibly foreseen such an occurrence? I'm so shocked, you could knock me over with an Iranian ICBM.


The Clinton email controversy returns

By Mike Huckabee

The FBI just released 42 pages out of nearly 400 pages of documents from their "investigation" of Hillary Clinton's emails. Even though those 42 pages are heavily redacted, you can easily read between the black lines to figure out that the deck was stacked and the fix was in. The records show that career investigators who were trying to do their job were stonewalled by Clinton's lawyers, their requests to see her devices and records were routinely ignored, and nobody in the Obama DOJ lifted a finger to make her cooperate. For instance, 13 mobile devices she might have used were never located, and three that actually were turned over to investigators had their SIM cards removed, which was like wiping them, and I don't mean "with a cloth."

For Clinton defenders who claim that the investigation cleared her of exposing classified data to America's enemies, all these pages make clear is that there was never really a serious investigation at all. So now that Democrats are suddenly so concerned about Russia-Russia-Russia, maybe we should relaunch the investigation for real.


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