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Netanyahu Recently Was "Powerless" to Stop the Expulsion of over 200 kids and 40 families in Amona Yet Now has the Power to Give Away Jewish Land to Arabs?


'Vote again on Arab building in Area C'
Head of Samaria Council Yossi Dagan calls for revote on decision to allow Arab building in Area C. 'It's giving away land in disguise.' and relinquishing building rights. 
Head of the Samaria Council Yossi Dagan turned to a number of cabinet ministers with a request that they bring to a revote the decision to allow Palestinian Arab building in Area C, which is under Israeli military and civilian control. He asserted that the decision had been made without prior deliberations in the government or the Knesset, and that the decision implies the relinquishing of territory."This was a cabinet decision, which was made secretly with minimal deliberations, about giving at least a whole percentage of Area C. Not officially, but practically speaking, it effectively relinquishes our building rights. It's giving away land in disguise. [The sort of thing] left-wing governments would do blatantly," he said.

Netanyahu recently was "Powerless" to stop the expulsion of over 200 kids and 40 families in Amona Yet now has the power to give Jewish Land to Arabs?

Ofra and Amona - BaGatz - Israel Supreme Court - Judicial Overreach - in a Tale of 9 Houses Demolished in Ofra following a Tale of over 40 Houses Demolished in Amona by Avraham Keslinger

And for what purpose.  So that Trump get some Empty promises from Abbas?

Palestinians: Abbas Immediately Breaks Promises to Trump

Are We Cuckoo?

Why did Netanyahu's administration recently destroy 9 beautiful Jewish homes in Ofra and 40 homes in Amona and Netanyahu and his cabinet were powerless to stop it.  This caused major trauma for exemplary families, role model families,  who love Israel with all their heart and soul, pioneers who built their homes with love, toil and sweat not to mention lots of money... They are holding on to the Land with their very fingertips..... now with no place to go thanks to a nonsensical BaGatz ruling with no transparency.... This same Netanyahu Administration suddenly has tremendous power and has no problem to get the cabinet to decide to give Jewish Land to Arabs.  

What does this mean?  Arabs can now build on Jewish Land so that Jews can not.  

Was Jason Greenblatt responsible for the Bagatz Ruling against Amona families?  I think it preceded Jason Greenblatt's arrival on the scene. 

Rather the Bagatz Ruling coupled with the Silence of almost all the major Jewish Organizations have put Jason Greenblatt in a weak position to advocate for Israel. 

Please read the following post written not long ago March 21, 2017
The Art of Negotiation under Trump. We destroy homes in Ofra and Amona expelling Jews from Judea and Samaria and then blame Jason Greenblatt for having a negative attitude for settlement building?http://shemittahrediscovered.blogspot.com/2017/03/the-art-of-negotiation-under-trump-we.html

Biblical Claim to the Land of Israel, When Silence is a Sin

The Land of Israel does not belong to the BaGatz, the Israel Supreme Court. It does not belong to Netanyahu. President Trump and Jason Greenblatt for all their good intentions simply do not have a moral green light to pressure the People of Israel to give away something that is entrusted to them but that they do not own.  

The Land of Israel belongs to G-d.  A "minor" detail that seems to have been forgotten here. 

These politicians, albeit powerful ones but not All Powerful,  are acting outside their Jurisdiction to take G-d's Land and give it to whomever they chose when in so doing it annuls G-d's Covenant with the Nation of Israel.

 It will not bring peace. It will bring curses.  The Torah makes it clear. Keeping Torah commandments on the Land of Israel brings Peace.  The opposite brings curses.  (Parshat BeChukosai)

This barely made news here in US.  Thank you Susie Dym for alerting us.

Last night there was a Shleimus Haaretz Event in Crown Heights.   Rabbi Weinfeld spoke  beautifully about Hilchos Shleimus Haaretz.  He told the group of women assembled that whenever there was even talk about relinquishing Land to Arabs, a few days later there was always acts of terror which followed. Even tallk about relinquishing Land causes weakness to Israel and empowers our enemies. So said the Rebbe of Lubavitch.

Thank you Susie Dym and Mattot Arim for your amazing alerts that serves to protect the Land of Israel!

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Articles from major media in Hebrew:

ראש מועצת שומרון לקבינט: "אישור הבנייה לפלסטינים - מסירת שטחים בתחפושת"
יוסי דגן טוען כי ההחלטה לאפשר בנייה בשטחי C נעשתה ללא דיון ומשמעותה ויתור בפועל על שטחים. "יש להצביע מחדש על העניין", אמר

"אם תלחצו על נתניהו, הוא ייפול"
על רקע דברי רה"מ כי אין לישראל "צ'ק מדיני פתוח מול ארה"ב", פנו גורמים בימין לבכירים בממשל טראמפ והתריעו מפני לחץ כבד מדי על נתניהו בנושא הפלסטיני. במקביל, מתנחלים וגורמים בליכוד קוראים לשנות החלטת הקבינט שאישר בנייה פלסטינית בשטחי C‏ 

דרישה: להצביע שוב על הבנייה בשטחי C
ראש מועצת שומרון דורש משרי הקבינט להצביע מחדש על ההחלטה המאשרת בניית פלסטינית בשטחי C. "זו מסירת שטחים בתחפושת". 

בלי וירוסים. www.avast.com


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