Friday, May 12, 2017

Fire or No Fire? John Bolton: Comey was wrong. Trump was right. Huckabee, Russian Investigation hampering Administration with important work, Alan Dershowitz keeps the confrontation and fire going when it could be put out.


Bolton: Comey was wrong. Trump was right!
Huckabee: James Comey Fired ..."this Russian investigation is dragging on with no end in sight and hampering the Administration from getting on with important work"

In all due respect to Alan Dershowitz, he often douses out and extinguishes some of the sparks of a fire. However at the same time he douses other sparks with oil and ignites the fire,  keeping his job as firefighter active. 

A leading Democratic senator admitted this week there has yet to be concrete evidence presented that demonstrates a direct link between Russia and President Donald Trump.
CNN's Wolf Blitzer asked Sen. Dianne Feinstein of California Wednesday evening if she has seen anything to make her believe there was collusion between the Trump campaign and America's Cold War foe.

"Not at this time," Feinstein said

Coming from Sen. Feinstein this is quite a remarkable statement. Can't Dershowitz say the same?????

I am glad that Dershowitz clearly came out with a clear opinion.  

Unfortunately Dershowitz keeps the controversy going which keeps him in business as being a Legal Expert. 

What was such a big deal of Rosenstein report that might be used by Trump to fire Comey?  Trump has nothing to hide.  The allegations that Trump and the Russian were in cahoots to win and manipulate the elections has nothing of substance worth arguing about.  Every country has an agenda.  Every country will try to push their agenda. 

If anything, the Clinton Foundation should be investigated for their meddling into Foreign Affairs big time as it is quite evident that enemies of the USA representing terrorist regimes clearly bought influence into the White House via the Clintons.

There is nothing in comparison on record with any dealings between Trump and the Russians.  

Focusing on Investigating Trump further serves only to drain energy from the Justice Department especially when investigations against Hillary and Obama Administration personnel are real and based on actual factual evidence and the exchange of millions if not billions of dollars were happening under the Secretary of State and the mass volume of confidential emails going on a private server was clearly dangerous for the country and illegal.

Dershowitz is doing a great disservice against Trump and against our nation for pushing for an even more sophisticated investigation for a case that has been manufactured for the purpose of bringing down Donald Trump.

Alan Dershowitz's highly respected, well sought after and well compensated positions are intertwined with false foundations.  These positions are wrapped and packaged in a very sophisticated Pro Israel, Pro American, Pro Law and Justice wrapping paper. . 

  1. Yes he speaks out for Israel.    However he also supports a 2 State Solution. The 2 State Solution is contrary to G-d's plan. Read the Bible.  Judea and Samaria is the Biblical Homeland of the Jewish People. This argument is something he can not internalize.   That is why he promotes a Palestinian State.
  2. Yes he speaks out against the BDS yet he promotes Freedom of Expression of BDS.  By allowing Freedom of Expression of BDS he is empowering Jihad Civilization as is the plan of the Muslim Brotherhood which believes in using the tools of the system to destroy the system
  3. Yes he speaks for an investigation of Hillary Clinton which has real evidence working against her and is critical of Comey yet is critical of the timing of firing Comey who not only did not do his job to prosecute Hillary Clinton, he also did not put a stop to the investigation of Donald Trump and the bogus accusations against him when it was quite obvious that the evidence against Trump was much more hype than substance. Rather Dershowitz encourages a more sophisticated investigation...
As a legal expert, keeping the legal battles burning is in his own best interest.  

This should be taken in mind when we take his expert legal advice into account. 

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