Sunday, May 28, 2017

Daily Mail: "Violence erupts" as protesters chanting "make America great again" clash with demonstrators after Linda Sarsour's CUNY commencement speech - Geller Report

The attempt to undermine police and make them look as if they are engaging in oppresive police aggression is a tactic used by BDS supporters to prevent Jews from defending themselves and others from defending Jews.  The IDF, the Israel Defense Force is often targetted and falsely accused of being murderers of Palestinians. BDS presentations feature distortions of reality to depict IDF as the evil forces rather than the terrorists thanks to NGOs like BTzelem.

NYC police need to do their job and should disregard any possible false negative misrepresentations and possible baseless accusations against them when so doing. Only then will the public  be protected. To be intimidated by bullies is to put public safety at risk! Those in the Police dept who made this unwise decision to allow assembly of a hostile pro Sarsour pro Sharia group in close proximity to AFDI should be investigated as such a decision clearly showed poor judgement that endangered the protesters of both sides and pedestrians as well. Only those of sound judgement should be calling the shots.
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