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Not Moving Embassy to Jerusalem? Letter to the Trump Administration: In Honor of Yom Yerushalyim. Please Let us not allow the celebrations to be overtaken by the forces of evil.


Trump Rules Out Moving Israel Embassy to Jerusalem for Now, Official Says

To the Trump Team:

Let us be blunt!

The "Peace Talks" are the opposite of Peace.  Perhaps Trump is convinced that this is not so. We have then failed to advise him in his best interests and in the best interests of the United States and the world.  

You and I know that these "Peace Talks" with Abbas and Netanyahu are the opposite of  True Peace of the Bible. True Peace of the Bible requires that the Nation of Israel settle on their Biblical G-d Given Land and keep the commandments. 

IF this Bloomberg report is true, this leads me to believe that there are anti G-d forces that Trump has been siding with against the better judgement of his closest and truest advisers.

Top Trump Officials Behind Anti-Trump Leaks to Media
Two separate National Security Council sources have confirmed that National Security Advisor H. R. McMaster and Deputy National Security Advisor Dina Powell have been leaking negative material about President Donald J. Trump to their allies in the anti-Trump media.

Too bad that these officials didn't get subjected to the same grueling as did David Friedman...

Lichvod David Friedman, amv"sh

I believe that the leaks of Trump of his inner chamber and their Chuzpa to hurt Israel and undermine the Republican Platform can and must be addressed. However, for this we need the Chutzpa to lead and stand strong, to go on the offensive rather than stay on the defensive especially with accusations of disloyalty to America in our face. 

We must not be frozen, and terrified of siding with Israel by being accused that our first alliance is with Israel. 

What is good for Israel is good for America.  

I was disturbed with Senator Rubio's interrogation with you as a nominee for Ambassador to Israel.

Marc Rubio, is without a doubt a staunch supporter of Israel.

Senator Rubio was trying to help you with his line of questioning, to assure Americans that you are a loyal American that is devoted to the President and not acting on your own.  I understood that subtly he wanted you to answer your critics who seem to want to portray you in an antisemitic fashion that as Ambassador you will be acting as an agent for Israel.

Yet I question the helpfulness of this last question and your reply as it may be used against Israel and your effectiveness to help Israel. See 5:00 end of video clip

Rubio: "One last question.  As an Ambassador, your role is to represent, advocate for and implement the policy of the President. Is that correct? Friedman: One hundred percent sir:Rubio: So on any issue be it the location of the Embassy, whether it's our position on any given matter, it is your job ultimately to be an advocate for the decisions made by the Oval Office and via the Administration and not your personal decisionsFriedman: I will be an advocate for the President the same way I would be the advocate for a client. My personal views are completely subordinated to the President and the Secretary of State."

When you answered in this manner, who would predict that there will be those in the White House who unlike yourself, overstep their boundaries and misrepresent their agenda as that of the President of the USA. While it is ok for those like yourself, an Ambassador, and all advisers for that matter,  to at times not see eye to eye and disagree with the President, it is wrong to misrepresent the President's position with one's own.  Leaks and False media do just that.  My question is as follows.  Does the reports coming out of the White House accurately "represent"  the views of the President?

Israel's enemies will surely not hesitate to use your declaration of  "subordination" to the "decisions" of the President and State Dept to suppress  any dissent on your part to their hijacked agenda. This silences any opposition and allows them free reign to replace the Republican platform and those of the elected President with their own.  

You are caught in a catch 22 because to expose those who have the Chutzpa to dictate policy in the White House when it is not consistent with the platform upon which President Trump got elected, is to then be accused of causing divisiveness and disunity and backing down on your pledge to be subordinate to the views of the President. 

Actually, it is they and their agenda which have taken liberties to state policy that is not consistent with the Republican elected President's platform. They have succeeded to suppress differing perspectives, i.e the Torah Perspective.  This perspective is clearly what got him elected.  Just ask Hagee.

It is totally not clear as per the agenda of the President at this point in time as all the media reports seem to be coming out with a  policy re: Israel that is completely in opposition with the platform that the Republican President came into this administration.  They will admit this as well but will justify it as being for a "higher" purpose of helping the "Peace Process"?!?!?!

Netanyahu needs to share some of the blame as he has elevated the false notion of the "Peace Process" rather than chucking it.  We can not allow Netanyahu to represent the views of the Jewish Nation when it comes to his adherence to the "Peace Process", as it is a nullification of the Covenant G-d made with the forefathers of Israel. 

Asserting allegiance to Trump before allegiance to G-d is surely not your intent. In fact it is not the intent of President Trump nor the founding fathers and this must be put out there! He picked you as Ambassador precisely because you fear G-d first and foremost.  He admired that in you. He expressed his thanks to the Almighty on many occasions following his victory!  Therefore you felt the liberty to say that your views will be subordinate to the President where it was understood that this was under the given that both views are subordinate to those of the Divine.

Please advise the President, who picked you as the Ambassador knowing that you are a G-d Fearing Jew,  that it is in the President's best interest, and you are first and foremost interested in advising him as per his best interests, that the 2 State Solution is contrary to the Biblical Promise that G-d Gave to the Nation of Israel.  President Trump and Prime Minister Netanyahu are unable to negotiate or give away Land that does not belong to them.  It belongs to G-d. G-d has made it very clear in the Bible as to Whom He Has Promised the Land and this is the only key to Peace. Otherwise, we should greatly fear the curses that are inherent in the 2 State Solution, which nullifies G-d's Covenant with Israel.  

Please read this weeks Parsha of BeHar and BeChukosai.  Parshat Behar details many of the Biblical Commandments required when Jews live and settle on the Land of Israel.  Adhering to these commandments is the source of peace and blessing.  Parshat BeChukosai spells out the Blessings and the Curses.  What will President Trump Choose for Israel, for America and for the World???? Blessings or Curses?

Let Trump choose LIFE. Let him choose the Torah! Ki MeTzion Tezei Torah UdVar Hashem MeYerushalyim.  

Yom Yerushalyim is the perfect opportunity for this proclamation!  The miracles of the 6 Day War were so revealed that they were breathtaking!

It is quite confusing why the Pope, who is as Man of G-d is misrepresenting Abbas as the Angel of Peace.

However, let us see the Truth rather than embrace as truth, empty pomp and circumstance.

"The Sacred rights of mankind are not to be rummaged for, among old parchments, or musty records. They are written, as with a sun beam in the whole volume of human nature, by the hand of the divinity itself; and can never be erased or obscured by mortal power" 
Alexander Hamilton, 1775

America was established with Divinity as its living force.  Our founding Fathers were strong in their belief "One Nation Under G-d". The Penny, has inscribed the words "In G-d We Trust". 

Letter written Friday, February 24, 2017 to Nominee Ambassador to Israel David Friedman following his grueling Senate Session. How I would like him to respond. Why Antisemitism seems to be on the rise with Trump's ascendancy..


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