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I, Child of Holocaust Survivors from Chechoslovakia and Daughter in Law of a Holocaust Survivor from Poland and a long time member of AAA Demand that AAA Immediately End Its Toxic Relationship with Allianz!


Thank you Buddy Macy for raising awareness.  Please read Buddy's email below explaining the situation.

The message to all who receive this message is that we, the adults of our generation, have the obligation to confront evil, bring justice, so that our children will not have to confront them as did our parents generation.... Heaven Forbid..

We demand that Allianz pay back victims of the Holocaust whom they insured. 

 Let me suggest the following.  When Allianz can not locate the proper heirs to the Insurance policies, since many policy owners,  if not most are deceased at this point in time, and/or are unable to locate documentation that is reasonable considering the circumstances, and after conducting a serious search for the proper heir, and in lieu of finding the proper heir,  the money should be spent on Holocaust Survivors to help pay for their day to day care especially if they are without proper means, home care, food, clothing,  shelter, medical supplies and equipment and everyday living expenses.  Also to further their legacy, money should be awarded to Children and Grandchildren of Holocaust Survivors around the globe to act as guardians to spread the legacy. Descendants of Holocaust Survivors would be more than happy to  act as stewards and trustees of the money, with a precondition that the money goes to a non for profit educational institution or organization of the trustee's choice.  

This will perpetuate the memory of the victims of the Holocaust in a fair and equitable manner and Allianz will regain its reputation and make amends for taking part in the atrocities of the Holocaust. 

From: Buddy Macy <
Thu, May 11, 2017 at 2:18 PM

There is NO Statute of Limitations on Genocide!​

Hello Fellow Activists for Israel and the Jewish People, and People of Conscience Everywhere,

Please follow the three simple steps below, and then forward this email to everyone on your list and urge them to do the same! Thank
​ you​
 so much. Buddy

The Automobile Association of America (AAA) has teamed up with the Allianz Group, a behemoth German insurance and asset management company. AAA now offers its customers some of Allianz's travel insurance products.

The problem is - and it's a huge one – Allianz was a major collaborator with the German Nazi regime in the 1930s and 1940s. Allianz insured Nazi facilities such as Auschwitz-Birkenau, Dachau and the Lodz Ghetto, at the same time it sold life, annuity and endowment insurance policies to Jewish families throughout Europe. After the war, Allianz denied survivors' claims by demanding original policies, death certificates and other requirements no survivor could meet after surviving the hell of the very camps and ghettos Allianz had insured. Today, Allianz still owes more than $2.5 Billion to the heirs of the insurance policyholders who perished in those very death camps it was making money insuring! This, from a company that had net income in 2016 of $7.25 BILLION Euros (worth more than dollars) and had on December 31, 2016, third-party assets of $1.361 TRILLION Euros under management!

Since it will be very difficult to identify all of the heirs entitled to compensation from Allianz should the insurance giant come clean (many families were completely wiped out in the Holocaust), a significant portion of those funds would go to Holocaust survivors, a majority of whom still live in poverty and need money for medications, food and other basic necessities. 

A couple of weeks ago, after having been the target of demonstrations by Holocaust survivors, victims' heirs and Shalom International for the past six years, Allianz announced that it will no longer be sponsoring the PGA golf tournament in Boca Raton, Florida. This story was covered world-wide by the Associated Press:…/sou…/2017/04/26/448992.htmBuoyed by that victory, we must now demand that AAA terminate its relationship with Allianz, until Allianz agrees to publish all its records and disgorge 100% of the funds it owes. You may also remind AAA that there are many well-qualified travel insurance services other than Allianz with whom AAA could partner with if Allianz will not meet its obligations to survivors. 

Here is how you may help:

1) In a new email, Copy & Paste the following addresses in the "To" box:

2) In the Subject Line, Copy & Paste the following message:

I Demand that AAA Immediately End Its Toxic Relationship with Allianz!

3) In the text, feel free to write any message you'd like, using the above information as a guide. You may also mention that you are going to spread the message on social media, and urge them to do the same if they are moved to take action supporting the survivors. Then, put your name and city & state, or city & country at the bottom. 

That's it!

Please help the Holocaust victims' heirs and survivors get moral and financial justice. Send your email right now!

Thank you so much.

Buddy Macy

*Joseph Richardson is the president of AAA, and Erin Babcock is Mr. Richardson's executive assistant. You may also call Mr. Richardson at: 813-289-5000with your passionate demand.


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