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Fwd: Shalom Friends, update and developments from Matan Peleg Im Tirzu

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Shalom Friends,


It has been a very productive and "refreshing" past couple of weeks in Im Tirtzu, and I wanted to share with you some of the most recent developments.


The Israeli Public Rallies Around Im Tirtzu and Coca Cola


Last week, the radical Left attempted to discredit Im Tirtzu by spinning a story about how in 2015, the movement received a 50,000 shekel donation from the Central Bottling Company in Israel, better known as Coca Cola.


The news was immediately followed by cries of "boycott Coca Cola" from the radical Left – but, what they did not expect was the outpour of support that the people of Israel gave to both Im Tirtzu and Coca Cola.


Following the news, countless pictures and memes were posted on social media in support of Im Tirtzu. The outpower of support was truly amazing, and we were even more pleased to see how the people of Israel embrace the values of Zionism and reject the anti-Zionist values of the radical left.


Attached is a collage of a small portion of the photos.


In Yom HaZikaron Editorial, Haaretz Attacks Im Tirtzu


 As I have mentioned in the past, perhaps the best way to gauge the current impact of Im Tirtzu is to look what the "other side" is saying. This is what Haaretz newspaper had to say in its editorial published on Yom HaZikaron:


"But this promise [of equality] has been replaced by an occupation regime in the territories, and is under violent attack within Israel itself by the government — a government of the right-wing Im Tirztu organization."


I have no intention to give credence to the substance of their article, but to focus on how they, representing the dominant anti-Zionist force in Israel, perceive Im Tirtzu's influence on the government.


We will continue working hard to defend the values of Zionism in Israel, regardless of what Haaretz and the anti-Zionists thinks.


Emergency Knesset Session on Academic Politicization in Ben-Gurion University


An emergency Knesset session was called for next week to discuss politicization in Ben-Gurion University, following the University's promotion of a program run by an anti-Israel NGO teaching students how to provoke security forces during protests.


Im Tirtzu was invited to speak at the session about the anti-Zionist bias that has been pervasive in the university for far too long.  This session is important development and a necessary step in improving the situation at Ben-Gurion University.


Read more here: Israel Hayom (Hebrew)

Calling the Nakba What It Is: Nonsense


As in previous years, Im Tirtzu activists continued in full force to protest against the lies of the "Nakba." Activists organized demonstrations at the Nakba events held at Haifa University and Tel-Aviv University, where they distributed IMTI's "Nakba Nonsense" booklet and audiobook on USB flash drives.


This year, Haifa University did not permit activists to distribute Israeli flags on Yom Haatzmaut or wave Israeli flags at the demonstration against the Nakba, claiming that it was provocative. Im Tirtzu views this as a very serious incident and is working hard to ensure that such an event never again occurs at Haifa University, nor at any other university in Israel. 


Today IMTI's branch coordinator was interviewed for over 10 minutes on Galei Tzahal (Army Radio), Israel's most popular radio station, and informed the listeners of the state of affairs at Haifa University. Videos with English subtitles from the event along with a brief summary of what transpired will soon be sent out.


Read more here: Jerusalem PostIsrael Hayomi24 NewsIsrael National News






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