Wednesday, May 17, 2017

FWD: EXCLUSIVE Interview with Yazidi Leader Mirza Ismail: West to Blame for Our Genocide. Is Linda Sarsour, a "Champion of Women's rights" advocating for Yezidi's


If CUNY and Linda Sarsour cared so much for Women's rights wouldn't they be yelling and screaming  about the Yezidi's?

Serious questions:

Why isn't the the proper help getting to the Yezidi's and other persecuted minorities of Islam.  They are the true victims of genocide. They are the real refugees.

"In 2008, the Yazidi Human Rights Organization-International along with the Assyrian Christians sought to get support for an autonomous region for the Christians and Yazidis in Sinjar."

Why isn't the money flowing directly to the Yezidi's. The Kurds apparently have not protected the Yezidis according to Mirza Ismail a spokesperson of the Yezidi's.

Why don't the Yezidi's and other persecuted minorities have priority immigration rights and refugee status over all the other migrants who do not fall under this category"

Where are the UN commissions on Women's rights.  

Why is Linda Sarsour representing women's rights at CUNY and not Nonie Darwish?

Anyone that  praises Linda Sarsour is suspect and should be investigated as per their agenda and policies.  They are empowering darkness and 
deceit rather than light and truth.

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EXCLUSIVE Interview with Yazidi Leader: West to Blame for Our Genocide



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