Thursday, May 18, 2017

Fwd: All 50 governors sign anti-BDS statement. A Deceptive way of BDS to masquerade as anti-BDS to push for a 2 STate Solution which calls for the destruction of Israel


I am very wary of this supposed anti-BDS statement.  It is all a deception.

In Canada, this X Muslim Women courageously demonstrates  against the Palestinian Lies. Must see.
Unfortunately the 50 governors didn't watch this  before they all signed on to the 2 State solution. She is telling it like it is.  Please show this to President Donald Trump before his trip to Israel.

Former Muslim Women against Palestine

It's a smart deceptive move by pro BDS to subtly push for a 2 State Solution.  By definition,  a 2 State Solution stands for a Palestinian State which calls for the destruction of Israel. 

A 2 State Solution shares the same goals as BDS.


BDS  deceptively will join the anti BDS activists to promote a 2 STate Solution. Deception is their modus operandi.

50 Governors thought they were making a statement against BDS. Really they were promoting a 2 STate Solution which calls for the destruction of Israel.

The 2 STate Solution is also known as the "Peace Process".which is another way to educate Palestinian Youth to glorify Jihad and suicide bombers.   That is why Abbas told Trump that they educate their children towards "peace". From Abbas perspective that is correct because their "Peace" education consists of teaching Palestinian children that Acco and Jaffa is Palestine.  Other "Peace" lessons are From the River to the Sea Palestine will be Free..and to glorify Jihad. 

Olam Hafuch!
Dark is light and light is Dark. 


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