Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Yom Kippur, Post Yom Kippur Message. Uniting the Nation of Israel against the BDS Narrative of Israel's "Belligerent Occupation" of the West Bank and against the Palestinian Lie.


Dear Partners in Fighting BDS.

On Erev Yom Kippur, the eve of Yom Kippur, the Ketores was ground very very finely, as an Atonement for the People of Israel.  No ingredient was to be omitted or else the Ketores offering was invalid.  Also on Kol Nidrei every kind of Jew must be there in order for our entreaties to be accepted.  That is why talking about Uniting is relevant for today, Erev Yom Kippur, Yom Kippur.

Fyi. We are up against a formidable BDS coalition. See link below. We should learn from our enemies how to unite and then with G-d's help, defeat them!

The foundation of their justification for BDS is Israel's "Belligerent Occupation" of "Palestine" aka the "West Bank".

We are all Sinners...and we are all Areivim, guarantors for one another. My sin causes my fellow Jew to be culpable as does his sin to me. 

I for sure am not free from sin and it is easy to see the sin of others.. So please forgive me for raising awareness of transgressions of others whom I would recognize as probably much more worthy than myself if I would only see the big picture.  G-d knows how many defending angels they created which I don't mention nor know about.

Unfortunately, the case for BDS has been bolstered by Israel Supreme Court rulings which have had a bias against settlers in Amona, Ofra, and the hilltop youth etc and by the foreign policies of Netanyahu who has yet to reject the 2 State Solution. The  unfaltering" commitment" to the "Peace Process", which is contrary to Eternal Covenant G-d made with our Forefathers and the Nation of Israel, provides legitimacy to their claim to the "West Bank".

Logically, why would anyone agree to forfeit something very precious which rightfully belongs to him? 

The conclusion is that  Israel does not really believe that this Land is their exclusive entitlement and/or do not appreciate how very precious the gift of the Land of Israel truly is.  We have yet to internalize and actualize Israel's part in actualizing the potential of this precious Land for the benefit of Mankind.  We have failed as a people till now,  to convey these truths to the World. Not in the UN, Unesco and not to the Obama Administration even if we are convinced ourselves.

 Please G-d let this Yom Kippur be an Atonement for this Sin and while I write this email in Chutz LeAretz, these prayers ascend to the Heavens and penetrate the hearts of those of us in Israel, who are standing in Awe by Your Heavenly Throne saying Kol Nidrei.  Let us annul Oslo, Annapolis, the 2 State Solution commitments. Surely had we known of the consequences we never would have agreed and signed.   We didn't realize that we were essentially annulling our own Covenant with these false agreements.  We were trying to do good.

 The result has been Terror and natural disasters in the past and in the future chas Veshalom,  as the Heavens and Earth are the witnesses to the Covenant. Haazinu HaShamayim VeAretz...Parshat Ha'azinu, Deuteronomy 32,  Moses sings at the threshold of the Promised Land, within hearing distance of all the people of Israel. Ha'azinu hashamayim, he begins. "Give ear, O heavens, let me speak; let the earth hear the words I utter!" Moses calls upon "heaven and earth," i.e., everything, to witness that God is true and just; it's Israel who is deceitful. http://www.mishkantorah.org/rabbi-jonathan-cohen/ha-azinu-v-zot-ha-brakha

Our fight must be fought as a team on different fronts. Not least of which is convincing the Knesset to get Netanyahu's administration to publicly reject the Oslo accords and the 2 State Solution paradigm as do our enemies. (see link below)

Uniting the Nation of Israel for Judea and Samaria is key . This in turn puts counter pressure on Netanyahu to reject the 2 State Solution peace paradigm.

Rabbis and Spiritual leaders must take a stand as individuals and as part of their organizations when possible, for our eternal right for Jewish Settlement in Judea and Samaria based on our Biblical Heritage.

This is our theological weapon against Islam and Sharia which is the driving force behind the Palestinian Authority and Hamas driving the terror.

The Government of Israel, and major Jewish religious Organizations and major secular Jewish organizations are held hostage to the 2 State Solution narrative because of real threats such as a UN resolution for a Palestinian State,  influential powerful positions coupled with  a powerful money trail blinding and binding them.

Today on the Holiest Day of the Year let us internalize "Ain Od Milvado" and Hashem Hu HaElokim. There is no Other. G-d is the Supreme Ruler. We cannot depend on good politics or Hillary or Kerry or on any human for our salvation. 

We need to work together  to address the root of the matter regarding annuling the false claim of "Belligerent Occupation" and neutralize the efforts of our enemies...

Gmar Chatima Tova!

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We are all Amona. Event on Chol HaMoed Sukkot Thurs Oct 20th starting out from Ofra 10am.


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