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October 2016


Like a dead beached whale, Obamacare is decomposing in front of our eyes and stinking up the whole place. Doctors are quitting, insurers are fleeing (leaving many consumers with only one choice), Millennials are opting to pay the fine rather than sign up, co-pays and deductibles are rising, provider networks are narrowing and premiums are rising by over 100 percent in some states. Even Bill Clinton admits it's "the craziest thing in the world." So of course, the solution to this massive failure of government intrusion into health care is to turn it over to his wife Hillary, who will add even more government, and that will fix it.

Allow me to take you young folks (who find yourselves paying a fine and still having no health insurance) on a trip down Memory Lane to 1993. A freshly-inaugurated President Clinton put his wife in charge of reforming America's health care. Instead of listening to experts, she decided she knew best and surrounded herself with far-left sycophants. They locked out people who knew anything about the subject, in violation of open meetings laws, which led to lawsuits by conservative groups (any of this sounding familiar?). She eventually emerged with a 1,000-page behemoth of a bill that would have imposed massive bureaucratic control and killed jobs and the economy by forcing all businesses to provide insurance (she arrogantly snapped that she couldn't be responsible for every under-capitalized small business in America – spoken like what she is: someone who's never actually run a business). It was so poisonously unpopular that even though her own party refused to back it, it still cost the Democrats Congress in the 1994 elections.

And lest there be any doubt, last January in Vinton, Ohio, Hillary proudly declared, "It was called HillaryCare before it was called ObamaCare." That's right: the last time Hillary moved into the White House, the very first thing she did was to violate the laws and spark lawsuits in the pursuit of creating what was the first incarnation of Obamacare. And she's proud enough to brag about that.

Now, answer honestly: Do you really want to send her back to the White House?

Speaking of Obamacare, its chief architect Jonathan Gruber let the cat out of the bag on CNN and admitted that the most important thing that could be done to make it work is to increase the penalty for not buying health insurance. He's getting a lot of flak over it, but let's get real: this is an example of how political figures get in the most trouble when they accidentally tell the truth. Many Americans would rather pay the penalty than spend even more on narrow-network, high-deductible health insurance. And he's right, the only way, short of holding them at gunpoint, to force them to buy is to make the penalty as least as high as the cost of the policy so they'll say, "What the heck, I might as well just buy the lousy insurance."

But Obamacare is doomed because Democrats in Washington won't take that drastic step. They know in their hearts that if they did, most Americans wouldn't buy insurance. They'd instead use that money to buy tar and feathers and a tank of gas to drive to Washington to put the tar and feathers to good use.

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