Thursday, October 27, 2016

Fwd: Fwd: The Disgrace Known as UNESCO. Annul Camp David and Oslo by Raanan Isseroff


Raanan Isseroff writes:

I don't disagree with you, but we have to call a rose a rose.
Israel is still going forward with the peace agreements. And what do the so-called peace agreements imply? (Camp David and Oslo)

They imply that Israel is the cruel conqueror of the poor Arabs!
They imply that Israel is giving them a country.
They imply, we are guilty of occupying unjustly, Arab land.
They imply that we had no right to defend ourselves.
They give a certification to all the arab lies and false claims against the Jews!

Ask any Arab what he understands the agreements mean.
He will tell you that Israel is giving the Palestinians a country.

With all of this, not a word from Israel about canceling the agreements.
For shame.
  • They let Israeli's suffer missiles, tunnels and terror on a daily non-stop basis.
  • Jewish businesses overseas are being destroyed.
  • Israeli businesses have suffered a loss of ten percent export sales.
  • Jewish students on campuses world wide are left to suffer daily abuse.
  • BDS is fed solely on these agreements.

Israel's response?
Total lack of responsibility.

Nobody blames Israel as her peace makers sit quietly planning how to remove Jews from the next area they gave away.

As we are all protesting and signing petitions about the bad Arabs, Israel is marching on to more peace talks. Flying diplomats to receive medals and Nobel prizes for heroic peace efforts.

I used to go and protest the evil being done to poor Israel by the bad Arabs.

As we would stand in front of the Capitol buildings waving signs, the Israeli peace teams would pass us by smiling. The next day, the front pages would be filled with our pictures, pictures of mainly orthodox protesters with the caption: "American Jews support Peace".

Best and good yom tov,
Pray that G-d puts sechel (intelligence) in the heads of those who can make a difference to do something before its too late G-d forbid.
Raanan Isseroff


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