Sunday, October 16, 2016

We are all Amona -כולנו עמונה Show Solidarity Thurs. Chol Hamoed Sukkot Family Event


This is so much more than a Chol Hamoed Trip!  It is a Statement of our collective rejection of the 2 State Solution and of a Judenrein Palestinian State.   

We Are All Amona!  No Demolitions of Jewish Homes and rebuilding elsewhere! 

We will not annul Our Covenant! 

Judea And Samaria is the Path of our Forefathers and our Biblical Birthright

Gush Katif "evacuation" expulsion led to  Missiles and rockets into Southern Israel, Demolition of Jewish Homes in Amona and elsewhere leads to Terror not Peace!
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Council heads of Judea and Samaria invite the general public:

On THURSDAY Chol Hamoed Sukkot we're Going up to Amona

The March of the Communities – We are all Amona

On Thursday Chol hamoed Sukkot (October 20th)

we are all going up to Amona to join the residents of the community in their courageous battle

for normalization legislation to rescue Amona and the entire settlement enterprise


10:00am Setting out on the march from the Ofrah helicopter landing pad

1:30pm   Shuli Rand In a full performance

2:45pm   Central gathering In participation with rabbis, public figures and spiritual leaders

6:30pm   Yehoram Gaon in a performance at Ofrah


An experience For the whole family 

Spend the entire day Admission is free!


The story of Amona – Interactive riddle game encompassing the entire town ∙ Street theater  ∙ Tuvia Rosenfeld (Asi and Tuvia) in a Holiday performance for the Children  ∙ Green Creativity projects – Workshops with Natural and Recycled Materials  ∙ Horseback Riding  ∙ Petting Corner  ∙ Naftali the Balloon Artist – Every Child gets a Balloon  ∙ Everyone gets a Photo with a magnet  ∙ Booths for Food and Drinks  ∙ A Boutique Wine Exposition

Amona Will not Fall Again

For all details and updates: and Amona's Facebook page





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