Friday, October 28, 2016

Mike Huckabee Gems. Voting for a Third Party is a Strategy that helped Bill Clinton get elected. Dont be a Fence Sitter! There is a candidate whose Team and Platform is consistent with Torah and Noahide values and authentically loves and supports Israel and another Candidate whose team and platform annuls Torah and who have empowered evil regimes like Iran and Isis, powerful evil forces who have grown under their watch who reject basic laws of Universal Morality. The Choice is clear!


Shtika ceHodaya Damya. Silence is like complicit agreement!

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If you know anyone who doesn't want Hillary to be President but just "can't" vote for Trump, show that person the story below. The emails between Cheryl Mills and Bobby Mook reveal some interesting inside stuff about campaign strategy --- as in, should Hillary be running primarily as a woman, or not? --- but one thing in particular stands out.

In almost an aside, Mook says, "JUST NEED A THIRD-PARTY SPOILER AND WE'LL BE ALL SET!"

He's referring to Clinton's win in 1992, in which third-party candidate Ross Perot made it possible for Bill Clinton to ascend to the Presidency with a whopping 43 percent of the vote.

If a third-party candidate siphons off enough of the anti-Hillary votes, or keeps Trump from winning Utah, we'll be ushering in the Dark Age Of Hillary Clinton this January. The only way to keep Hillary out of the White House is to vote for Donald Trump. If you're not crazy about Donald, sorry, but this is reality, and reality bites.

For the full story, click here.


Mike Huckabee


Message from Huck PAC:  

HUCK PAC NEEDS FINANCIAL HELP: Chip in to help support Huck PAC endorsed candidates such as Tim Scott, Marco Rubio and Trent Franks. We rely on small donations from supporters to help fund our efforts, not big money donors from Wall Street .


And in case you missed these:  

A Message For Washington

By Mike Huckabee

The 41-day standoff between ranchers and federal authorities at Oregon's Malheur National Wildlife Refuge could have turned into a Branch Davidian-style slaughter. The ranchers were protesting the federal government's growing bureaucratic restrictions on ranchers whose families have been caretakers of Western public lands for generations. It was sparked by the arrest and imprisonment of two ranchers for burning brush. Luckily, most of the ranchers surrendered peacefully, although one, Robert "LaVoy" Finicum, was shot and killed by authorities when he tried to flee during a traffic stop. Eleven occupiers took plea deals, and another seven are awaiting trial.

But yesterday, after a five-week trial, the jury stunned the feds by finding protest leader Ammon Bundy and six co-defendants not guilty on all charges. Those charges included conspiring to impede federal employees through intimidation, threat or force; possessing guns in a federal facility; and theft of government property. Jurors seemingly agreed with their attorney that the charges were a heavy-handed overreaction to a peaceful protest, the kind held by groups like "Occupy Wall Street" that cause far more disruption without authorities shooting and arresting them; that the protest was part of a long American tradition of standing up to government overreach; and that the intent was not to break the rules but to force the government to follow its own rules. One defendant called the verdict a "stunning victory for rural America."

Whether you agree with the verdict or not, the fact that a jury reached it unanimously should send a loud, clear message to those in Washington who think that they can keep on endlessly expanding their power at the expense of Americans' rights and freedoms. They've been pushing it further and further for years, but Americans have just about reached the limits of their patience with liberal petty dictators. The Tea Party movement tried to make the point politely and were persecuted by the IRS and slandered by the media. The ranchers tried to make the point that the people were fed up with elitists with messiah complexes, and they were shot and arrested. Now, the Trump movement is making the point louder and less politely, and the elites respond with slander, disdain, dirty tricks, and threats of violence. They would be well advised to view this verdict as a three-alarm wake-up call that they had better start responding to the anger and frustration of the American people by listening to them and remembering who their bosses really are. Hint: it's not lobbyists, Wall Street bankers or George Soros.


By Mike Huckabee

Like a dead beached whale, Obamacare is decomposing in front of our eyes and stinking up the whole place. Doctors are quitting, insurers are fleeing (leaving many consumers with only one choice), Millennials are opting to pay the fine rather than sign up, co-pays and deductibles are rising, provider networks are narrowing and premiums are rising by over 100 percent in some states. Even Bill Clinton admits it's "the craziest thing in the world." So of course, the solution to this massive failure of government intrusion into health care is to turn it over to his wife Hillary, who will add even more government, and that will fix it.

Allow me to take you young folks (who find yourselves paying a fine and still having no health insurance) on a trip down Memory Lane to 1993. A freshly-inaugurated President Clinton put his wife in charge of reforming America's health care. Instead of listening to experts, she decided she knew best and surrounded herself with far-left sycophants. They locked out people who knew anything about the subject, in violation of open meetings laws, which led to lawsuits by conservative groups (any of this sounding familiar?). She eventually emerged with a 1,000-page behemoth of a bill that would have imposed massive bureaucratic control and killed jobs and the economy by forcing all businesses to provide insurance (she arrogantly snapped that she couldn't be responsible for every under-capitalized small business in America – spoken like what she is: someone who's never actually run a business). It was so poisonously unpopular that even though her own party refused to back it, it still cost the Democrats Congress in the 1994 elections.

And lest there be any doubt, last January in Vinton, Ohio, Hillary proudly declared, "It was called HillaryCare before it was called ObamaCare." That's right: the last time Hillary moved into the White House, the very first thing she did was to violate the laws and spark lawsuits in the pursuit of creating what was the first incarnation of Obamacare. And she's proud enough to brag about that.

Now, answer honestly: Do you really want to send her back to the White House?


Message from Huck PAC:  

HUCK PAC NEEDS FINANCIAL HELP: Chip in to help support Huck PAC endorsed candidates such as Tim Scott, Marco Rubio and Trent Franks. We rely on small donations from supporters to help fund our efforts, not big money donors from Wall Street . We urgently need your financial support so please respond today!


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