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Statement from Agudath Israel Condemning UNESCO Resolution Denying Jewish Connection to Jerusalem and comments...

Subject: Statement from Agudath Israel Condemning UNESCO Resolution Denying Jewish Connection to Jerusalem



Dear Agudath Yisroel, amv"sh

Anavim, Anavim...

Please let us talk of Biblical Truth as the precurser of Historical truth.  

Please condemn Unesco for Denying Jewish Connection to Har Habayit, Kever Rochel, Kever Yosef, Maarat Hamachpela and most important for basically annulling the Biblical Covenant Hashem made with our Forefathers Avraham, Yitzchok and Yaakov reiterated by Moshe Rabbeinu and all our prophets.  Our Covenant, that this is our Promised Land and we are obligated to keep the Commandments in this Land, is fundamental to Yiddishkeit as it is prominent in all of our  prayers, our Tefilot and repeated over and over in Scriptures,  in Tanach!
They have basically nullified Our Covenant  with this resolution.
Shtika  KeHodaya Damya. Being Silent is like complicit agreement.  Silence when words must be spoken is a Sin.  It  too is a form of Lashon Hara.  This condemnation of Agudah against Unesco, has taken a baby step but it needs to mature to an adult step in order to address the root of the matter. 

So Lichvod Moetzet Gedolei Hatorah... 

Please go the full 9 yards and condemn Obama's condemnation of Jewish Settlement in Judea and Samaria.  We are not only entitled to live and settle Judea and Samaria as per our Biblical Birthright, we are obligated and it is the only way we can actualize our purpose on this earth and achieve our potential as Jews and as a Kingdom of Priests.  Living as Torah Jews to its fullest comfortably in the Diaspora without Har HaBayit and without the Land is a lie with which we fool ourselves.  The Torah is our mandate and the Torah is the very  root of  our claim to Eretz Yisroel! Ben Gurion said as much. 

This was also agreed upon in Marienbad by Moetzet Gedolei Hatorah in 1937.

Chazaq VeEmatz!  In the Zchut of Unity Of Am Yisroel for the Torah and for Eretz Yisroel  may we be zocheh to the Return of the Shechina and the return of the Avoda and may there no longer be a need for human sacrifices, the Korbanot of  recent Terror attacks of Kedoshim to  atone for our collective transgressions and  unwillingness to claim our Precious Land and collective failure to fulfill our precious commandments on the Land. 

May Hashem find us worthy to bring Moshiach in a nice way and not chas Veshalom have to wake us up with another Holocaust.  

We have come so far and according to Rabbi Alon Anava, a Baal Teshuva who experienced a Near Death Experience and his lectures can be found on Youtube, Moshiach is at our doorsteps.  He says Rav Kanievsky advises Jews to stay in Eretz Yisroel at this point in time and for Jews of America to come back to Israel.

We don't know how Moshiach will arrive.  Let us do what we can now to be worthy of Moshiach coming on the clouds rather than in an unspeakable horrific manner with much pain and suffering leaving many of us behind. 







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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE:   October 13, 2016


Statement from Agudath Israel Condemning UNESCO Resolution Denying Jewish Connection to Jerusalem


Agudath Israel of America condemns in the strongest terms the UNESCO resolution passed this week that effectively denies the Jewish connection to Jerusalem. It is an unabashed falsification of history, the magnitude of which can only be explained by a deep and ugly hatred for the Jewish people and its heritage.  To ignore the historical record and the fact that Jews have prayed daily for millennia to be able to return to their ancestral land is nothing short of grotesque.


Nations that supported this shameful resolution desire to delegitimize Israel's claim to sovereignty over the Holy City.  Their animus will not accomplish that. Its only consequence will be to make peace in the Middle East even more elusive.


Countries that demonstrated their malign intentions by endorsing the resolution and those that, out of cowardice, abstained, deserve denunciation.   We applaud President Obama and the United States, as well as the United Kingdom, Germany, Lithuania, the Netherlands and Estonia, for their courage in voting against the resolution, and for historical truth.

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