Friday, October 14, 2016

Bennett suspends activities with UNESCO - Arutz Sheva


Great statement!

Now Bennett should put teeth into his words and adopt the Levy Report to claim Judea and Samaria and reject
Oslo and reject the 2 State Solution narrative.

The "Peace Process" has given rise to Terror and Political terror such as UNESCOs decision to sever Jewish connection to the Land of Israel.

This resolution didn't come in a vacuum.

Israel needs to Legitimize Amona, Ofra etc! Do not even consider to demolish any Jewish homes to placate our enemies who wish to sever Jewish Connection to the Land Of Israel.  Change the policies of the Israeli Supreme Court who never rejected and gives credence to  the false narrative of Israel's "Belligerent Occupation" of the West Bank.

This fuels resolutions in UNESCO.  Brace yourself for backlash as did Moses when he told Pharoah Let My People Go!

Correct the slander and harassment of the hilltop youth especially by having created a false narrative that they are Jewish Terrorists. Apologize to them and their families for what happened in Gush Katif and for the blood libel against them in Duma.   Proclaim to all that Judea and Samaria is our Biblical Homeland, Hashem's Eternal Promise to the Jewish People.  All nonJewish Noahides are welcome residents.

Establish a Judiciary that is consistent to Torah rather than a hodge podge of British, Turkish and Israeli law.

By uniting with our Jewish Heritage we bring in G-d to fight our battles. The alternative is to beg Obama, Hillary and or Kerry to be Israel's protector in the UN and elsewhere.

This comprehensive offensive approach will accomplish so much more than a mere proclamation against UNESCO that is not grounded with facts on the ground. The world will and can differentiate between putting real teeth to our words to mere lip service..

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