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Re: Amona... Rabbanim, Media...Grama, We will eventually have to answer the Heavenly court why we did not testify on their behalf and allowed their homes to be destroyed


Lichvod Rabbanim and Pro Israel Media, and fellow Jews and lover of Israel, amv"sh

The fact that the Knesset is even talking about relocation etc. a total waste of time and money only to bring much emotional and financial distress shows that once again they are totally void of basic common sense. 

Blind basically.

Forget about all the stupid legalities of the Supreme Court who are biased against the settlers which makes people not see the forest from the trees. 

Why is there no mention that there are 150 cases all over the country, both sides of the green line, where they have located Arab landowners...Same idiotic strategy that was used in katif -

Common sense says you don't destroy a Jewish community, men women and children along with their shuls, schools, kindergartens, cultural centers, swimming pools if they have one etc,  displace people who built a community with love and tears and sweat! Period. Will you replace the love that went into their efforts? Impossible!  If Amona is illegal housing than so is Tel Aviv and Bnei Brak. NO different then your home or my home!

I am quite sure that if you take a small subset of all that money that you wish to waste on destroying these peoples homes, only to relocate them to a different place so that they need to start from scratch again, and give it to those Arabs who apparently may not even exist, who claim ownership of some of this land that has been barren since the beginning, they will surely be thrilled.  

Are Jews from Tel Aviv  also being displaced and relocated from their homes which originally came from Arab's home that were captured in 1948 or how about in Jerusalem after the Arabs ran away on their own accord following a legitimate war that they started, which they lost?   

In Amona, I have yet to see an Arab's home that were taken over by the settlers who settled the hilltop in Amona. It was a totally barren hilltop.  They simply don't exist. 

Every Jew, and here I am referring also to the frum Jews in Flatbush,  who saw what happened at Gush Katif and said we "Share in Their Pain" in Tehillim gatherings following the Gush Katif Expusion in 2005,   obviously didn't really internalize what they were saying. In Shamayim they were asking us "Why didn't you do something to prevent their pain so that they didn't have to experience this excruciating emotional, financial pain of getting thrown out of one's home and losing one's job?" 

 Maybe we had an excuse, we could have argued we didn't know what was happening, that the Government of Israel would be retarded enough to actually carry out the expulsion of 10,000 Jews on Tisha Baav.  So  maybe G-d let it go and said, I will see then if you continue to allow other such desecration of My Name. You will only be held accountable for this if you fail in the future to stop similar such act of destruction of fellow Jews' homes. 

 Hopefully Hashem  will forgive and forget when  He sees that we are aware of Amona's slated destruction and that we regret having been silent in the past, and act now to stop it from happening.

I don't use the word retarded lightly. It was an act of insanity that later brought upon southern Israel multiple  rocket attacks and terrible destruction and severe trauma upon peace loving, productive, happy communities of Jews who were expelled and upon Jews of Sderot and southern Israel who couldn't take a shower in peace for years following the Gush Katif expulsion always on the run to the shelter following a siren. 15 seconds was all that they had.   The Gush Katif community, predominantly farmers, gave their lives and everything they had, their entire selves,  to build beautiful communities only to have the work of their lives bulldozed.  

Have you no compassion? Because they didn't get the proper permit it is coming to them? They should have known better?  

So let us address the justification of this brazen act of destruction on someones home. 

Why wasn't aren't the permits issued?  That is the million dollar question.  It can be issued now retroactively.  Why are these permits being withheld?

Because apparently there are those who can't come to terms with the fact that this is our Biblical Homeland and rightful inheritance of the Jewish people!

We are creating prosecuting angels against ourselves.  Who will defend us when we need the help of G-d and if Chas VeShalom they come after our own homes as they did in Europe during the Holocaust.  We think it can't and won't happen?  True it should not be our motivation right now.  Helping fellow Jews should be.

Are all the Tisha Baav lectures on Ahavas Yisroel all lip service?

By allowing this to happen once again, even small scale is surely a litmus test to a much larger scale insanity agenda of our enemies, far more dangerous than the Gush Katif expulsion! 

There is probably tremendous pressures on the Israeli gov't  by the Obama Administration who calls building in Jerusalem "corrosive and provocative",  for this destruction to happen in Amona.

Don't be naive. The intention is to deny the basic right for Jews to settle in our Biblical ancestral homeland. 

Do what you can to put an end to this madness.  Every major Jewish Organization should be making a public statement in opposition of the pointless destruction of Jewish homes.  

Otherwise it's like studying the Rabbinic teachings of giving to a poor person and being interrupted with a poor person at the door asking for help and you reply please don't disturb. I am busy learning. 

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I read through your pieces Robin and Judy - excellent work as always
watching a video of the assault on Amona and remembering the protest press conference I organized at City Hall a day or so later with everyone that the press refused to even acknowledge is so upsetting.


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Amona Revisited, Is Lieberman doing enough by merely actively looking for a solution to prevent the evacuation of Amona?


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