Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Letter to Askanim. Must read for all influential Jews sitting on the fence unwilling to take a position against the Democratic Party and Hillary Clinton and the Obama Administration. Ami Magazine, Mishpacha, Agudah Lefkowitz Initiative, OU Advocacy, Ezra Friedlander Group, David Greenfield Councilman etc. I am talking to you.Column One Caroline Glick: Trump and the American Dream.


Dear Askanim in America, amv"sh

Sometimes a temporary reprieve and relief  is far more dangerous than bearing and suffering the discomfort. Therefore, we need to examine the long term consequences of this relief. 

All the funding,  totaling hundreds of millions of dollars,  for much needed programs that pays for Yeshiva security, crossing guards, school buses, nurses, social services, employment etc. will eventually turn against us collectively.  

For now it has bought our silence and has successfully stopped any real opposition  by the religious Jewish community to fight 150 billion dollars sanction relief to a nuclear Iran, the greatest sponsor of terror, and has successfully robbed us of our willpower to confront evil. 

It is blood money that now empowers Hamas and Hizbollah.

Only evil can be born from the fruits of such efforts.

Trump's platform,the Republican platform, does not include the 2 State Solution and is therefore consistent with Torah.  

The Democratic Platform on the other hand, nullifies Torah and Hashem's Covenant with our forefathers and our people. 

Do not be deceived nor loyal to a "political party" which empowers those who call for Israels destruction, the destruction of America and the Judaeo Christian values upon which America was founded.

Please don't speak of Emunas Chachamim, Unity and Ahavas Yisroel as a rebuke to those who dare question the collective Silence of our leadership and our people.   

It does not apply when we are all facing an existential threat. 

Askanim:  This is a wake up call. Though it seems like we are fighting with you, putting you in a negative light, our intention is noble.  We only wish that you face the harsh reality and the danger of our times. 

We understand that you are lishma, doing your work for the benefit of  the Klal.  Jews are having a hard time financially. It is hard for them to pay for security guards and nurses and buses. People need to have jobs, keep their jobs or find jobs. This is your reality.  Economic relief that you have succeeded to obtain via funding from the Federal gov't as well as on a State or local level for our communities provide  big time economic relief at least short term.  

Yet we must not ignore the greater picture. The Iran Deal and the 2 State Solution are existential threats!  There is no explanation for Jewish leadership failure to mobilize Am Yisroel to protest beChol HaTokef other than to investigate the money trail which is tied to the Democratic Party. 

 In the Heavenly court we will have to confront our Creator and we will see the ripple effects of our actions and how being complicit to the growth of a nuclear Iran and Isis has devastating long term consequences.  ChasVeShalom. When we meet our Creator in a Heavenly court we want to honestly say we tried our best to stand strong for our Holy Covenant Hashem made with our forefathers and us. 

Even if it appears that we will be unsuccessful in defeating our enemies, we must try our hardest.  Rabbanim and Gedoilim need to be clear that the Republican Party's platform is consistent with Torah while the Democratic Platform and support of the Iran Deal and 2 State Solution are clearly in opposition with Torah.

We need to do this not because people will listen necessarily.  We need to do this to please the Almighty Hakadosh Baruch Hu.  After all we are heavily relying on the HKBH to fight our battles.  

Many of our people are learning full time and are recipients of Medicaid and gov't programs. In all likelihood people are afraid that electing Trump will end this entitlement.  

After all,why should a healthy young man who can earn a living receive Medicaid benefits?

It is a real concern. Something to be negotiated as per how to keep our Yeshivoth functioning.  How will our yungerman in Kollel with large Mishpachahs survive without the very much needed financial support they are receiving from all the gov't programs?

This clearly would change the entire dynamic of Yeshiva Institutions we know today. 

However, if this money has bought our failure to oppose and address evil that is no different than Nazi Germany, it is blood money and is poison to our Neshoma.  It weakens our Neshoma and all the spiritual benefit that comes from our learning actually is tainted and not Emes. Our Torah learning will disconnect us from Hashem.  We are wasting our time sitting and learning at the expense of our brothers and sisters now facing the existential threat of Hamas or Iran.  Surely it is coming to our doorsteps as well.

I am not saying that the government programs that help support our Torah Institutions should stop.  Probably it is a zechus for the United States that they are funding Torah.  However, they are also funding UNRWA and terrorist activity big time. 

All I am saying is that we can't let this money blind us.  If the government chooses to stop funding our Torah Institutions because we support the Republican platform that is proof that this money was really a form of  bribery, a way to support an idolotrous agenda that is very dangerous to Am Yisroel.

Shemittah is proof that we must have Emunah and rely on HaKadosh Baruch Hu for our Parnossa and protection.  Hashem is Almighty and surely sustains all creatures...

Not the security guards an evil Democratic gov't will pay for.  

Bi partisan support for Israel is meaningless when one of the parties is merely an impersonation of the Democratic Party of our parents' generation.  There is no Democratic Party today as we knew it. Just a party who is like the Big Bad Wolf dressed up like Grandma, which is now actively engaged in empowering both Iran and Isis. A "party" but only in name, controlled by a few and its evil sources of funding ,  whose modus operandi is Divide and Conquer and buying off special interest groups and using deceit as a legitimate tool to achieve its goals.

Through such leadership our enemies have been amazingly successful in neutralizing hundreds of thousands of caring Jews from fighting for Eretz Yisroel, and from fighting the evils of Radical Islamic terror. 

Unfortunately, by setting an example of passivity, the Jewish leadership has succeeded in convincing the majority of Jews that both candidates are terrible and it is better not to take sides and to stay out of the race....  and if we must engage,  to be ineffective as was the case with fighting the Iran Deal and if we must get involved, to channel all our collective energies to go nowhere of significance so as not to endanger the bipartisan support Israel has had over the years.

Passivity is not a neutral position at all. It neutralizes support of the opposition who wishes to protect Israel.  It serves to empower Israel's enemies and aids in Israel's destruction.  It will serve to keep the current Administration in control and her policies in tact.

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