Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Pamela Geller on The Daily Ledger OAN Discussing the Muslim Invasion of Europe. Must listen. If Trump not elected we are in for dark times like Czechoslovakia and Hitler


Powerful video. 

Some of the points 

  • Cultural suicide in Germany with more than a  million Muslim refugees
  • 50% of so called refugees coming into the US are Muslim, many of them the perpretrators rather than the Christians [and Yazidis] were were the victims of genocide. In 2012 Pamele Geller and her org. warned that this would happen to the Christians and the Genocide did happen
  • Done on purpose to attack Judeo Christian foundation of America
  • We are seeing in America what has been happening in Europe
  • There is no such thing as Extreme or Moderate Islam. There is just Islam. The Muslims themselves say so
  • Obama chooses Jihadists each time. He is the greatest threat to Freedom. 
  • Clinton is a puppet of Soros
  • You have to be engaged. You can no longer be the Silent majority. Each and everyone of us must fight this othewise we are like Czechoslovakia and Hitler if Trump is not elected. We are in for dark times. 
  • It has to be Trump. It's a no brainer
  • For open borders, you need to destroy democracy. That means us, America


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