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Fwd: Don't let our youth fall into this latest honey trap! Efrat under the State of Palestine? From Women in Green


Deception against the enemy is allowed under Islam. It is call Taqiya.

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The Devil is in the details

Rabbi Riskin was surprised to learn that a peace plan he supported
would make him a Palestinian citizen and thoroughly endanger the
existence of the state of Israel.

By: Stephen Leavitt

Here are some paragraphs:
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I was shocked to read last week in the Jerusalem Post that Rabbi
Shlomo Riskin, the Chief Rabbi of Efrat, is supporting a radical and
dangerous leftwing "peace plan," and worse, this plan is being
promoted to the youths of Efrat and other settlements.

I met and spoke with Rabbi Riskin a few times this week and he wanted
to emphasize that he insists he "never accepted the plan."

Rabbi Riskin said he was approached and was presented with a germ of
an idea for a peace initiative, but was not made aware of any clear
formulation of the terms of the plan itself.

Rabbi Riskin said he liked the name of the plan, "Two States, One
Homeland," and the concept as it was presented to him: a plan that
would allow for peaceful coexistence, and did not require anyone, Jew
or Arab, to be expelled from their homes.


The Jerusalem Post article's author, Andrew Friedman, claims "the plan
is a departure from the classic two-states-for-two-peoples formula,"
but it's anything but that.

It instead takes elements from some of the worst proposals, ideas that
even Peres, Beilin and Sarid refused to entertain, and makes them the
cornerstones of the plan.

But that's not what makes this plan dangerous. The danger lies in the
fact that this peace plan's proponents are targeting Jewish settlement
youths and older settlers who truly believe that coexistence is
possible, repackaged to make the plan sound benign

Efrat to Become Part of the Palestinian State

Rabbi Riskin was actually shocked to learn that his own town of Efrat
would be transferred over to the Palestinian State, and any of its
Jewish residents who choose to remain might be allowed to obtain
Palestinian State citizenship, or otherwise will be granted "permanent
residency" status.

It's implied in the plan that the Jewish residents remaining inside
the Palestinian State will be disarmed.

While he believes there can be land concessions in exchange for peace,
Rabbi Riskin said he could never accept a plan that transfers
sovereignty of the settlement blocs, and of Jews, away from the State
of Israel.


While the plan calls for some "demilitarized zones" and
decommissioning "armed militias and unauthorized organizations," the
Palestinian State will be anything but demilitarized.

In the Q&A section, the authors make it clear that the State of
Palestine will be a completely independent sovereign entity with its
own independent security force – but not to worry, the plan's Arab
co-authors say "they have no interest in tanks and planes."

With a plan like this, they won't need them.

By the way, all the plan's Arab co-authors "are senior Fatah
officials, all of whom served long stints in Israeli jails for
murder," according to the Jerusalem Post article.

Don't you feel safer now about their intentions?


This plan is nothing more than a regurgitation of the worst of the
radical left's most dangerous ideas.

But the authors are actually playing a different game.

They are trying to get it support from the settlers and the settlement
youth, apparently through obfuscation of the dangerous ideas in the
plan and playing off the naiveté and idealism of those they approach.

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