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Fwd: Prof. Paul Eidelberg: Corrected verson of "The Legacy of Bill Clinton" (with thanks to Will Morrisey)

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"The Legacy of Bill Clinton"

Prof. Paul Eidelberg
December 7, 1999 (updated)

Bill Clinton, the 42nd American President, served in office from 1993 to 2001. Prior to that, the Arkansas native and Democrat was governor of his home state.

Recall the December 19, 1998 impeachment of Mr. Clinton. It was initiated by the House of Representatives on two charges, one of perjury and one of obstruction of justice. The charges stemmed
from his extramarital affair with former White House Intern Monica Lewinsky and his testimony about the affair during a sexual harassment lawsuit filed against him by Paula Jones. He was acquitted of these charges by the Senate on February 12,
1999. Two other impeachment articles – a second perjury charge and a charge of abuse of power failed in the House.

During his first term in office, President Clinton was quoted as saying "My policy is to have no policy" -- which may explain why this Democrat became a virtual Republican after the Republican Party gained control of both houses of Congress in the 1994 mid-term elections.  Of course, to have no policy is to have no firm political principles, no moral convictions, hence no rigorous sense of honor.  Does this characterize the Clinton legacy?

            Like other Presidents, Mr. Clinton can be accused of many
misdeeds.  Like President Jimmy Carter, he patronized the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO), The PLO was renamed the Palestinian Authority (PA) after the signing of the Israel-PLO Agreement of September 1993. This agreement, underwritten by the United States, did not alter the fact that the PA is a consortium of terrorist organization whose Charter calls for Israel's annihilation. To this end, PA terrorists have murdered
or maimed more than 15,000 Jewish men, women, and children to date.

Nevertheless, the PA has received annual grants of hundreds of millions of dollars from the United States. This makes the U.S. a major patron of terrorism! The U.S. has thus earned the contempt it now has among other nations, whatever be their motives.  

That America is now afflicted by floods does not surprise this observer. Nor am I surprised that anti-Semitic Europe, another patron of Israel's enemies, is being overrun my Muslim migrants, rapists, and murderers.

Returning to Mr. Clinton, however, his cozying up with the PLO was indicative of a protracted decline of American honor and moral standards. To understand this decay, let us first examine why the U.S. refused to recognize the Soviet Union in 1917 and did not do so until 1933.  Here is how Robert Lansing, Secretary of State under Woodrow Wilson, put it: "To recognize the Bolsheviks would give them an exalted idea of their own
power, make them more insolent and impossible, and win their contempt, not their friendship.... As to Lenin and Trotsky I am in doubt ... For national and personal honor, for truth and for the individual rights to life, liberty and property they seem to have no regard." 

            Mr. Lansing was succeeded by Secretary Bainbridge Colby, who in 1920 declared:  "The existing regime in Russia is based upon the negation of every principle of honor and good faith, and every usage and convention, underlying the whole structure of international law; the negation, in short, of every principle upon which it is possible to base harmonious and
trustful relations, whether of nations or of individuals."

            Mr. Colby was succeeded by Secretary of State Charles Evans Hughes (who later became Chief Justice of the American Supreme Court). Mr. Hughes said in 1923: "The American government is not prepared to barter away its principles [by recognizing the Soviet Union]."  Five years laterSecretary of State Frank B. Kellogg avowed: "The experiences of various European
Governments, which have recognized and entered into relations with the Soviet regime, have demonstrated conclusively the wisdom of the [non-recognition] policy to which the Government of the United States has consistently adhered.  Recognition of the Soviet regime has not led [its leaders] to the acceptance by them of other fundamental obligations of international intercourse."

            Now ponder this remark of John Spargo, a leading figure of the Socialist Party in America, who in 1930 declared: "It is futile to argue the matter; recognition of Soviet Russia [which seeks our own subversion] would be shameful self-abasement."

            What would John Spargo say of a superpower like the U.S. appeasing a Lilliputian gang of murderers like the Palestinian Authority?  The PA is the Palestinian wing of America's mortal enemy, the Muslim Brotherhood. The PA is headed by a fading thug, Mahmoud Abbas, an occasional guest of the Obama White House, which also hosts the Muslim Brotherhood.  This confluence of terrorists in the capital of the United States makes one wonder what further natural disasters (God forbid) await America.

When we recall that President Bill Clinton consorted with the PLO, and when to this we add President Barack Obama's embracing the cause of that Muslim-led monstrosity, let us apply to these sinister acts the words of the prophet Hosea (8-7): "They that sow the wind shall reap the whirlwind."

Hence, I believe that the natural disasters now afflicting the United States are providential and cannot be dissociated from the Clinton Legacy.◙

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