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השיבה שופטינו כבראשונה My Letter to the Knesset Ministers and Members To Reign in Israel Supreme Court Not to Destroy Jewish Settlement of Amona and Legalize Illegal Beduin Squatters.


השיבה שופטינו כבראשונה
To: Knesset Ministers and Members
Re: Dangerous plan for Judea-Samaria's Area C –
       VOTE AGAINST Liberman "Carrot Plan" 

Don't legalize illegal Palestinian building by Beduin Squatters in Susiya who have homes elsewhere while at the same time demolish Jewish homes in Amona suspiciously claimed by NGO's to be the property of nonexistant or unknown  Arabs. Beduin claims to the land in Susiya are without substance and Arab claims to the Land in Amona are unsubstantiated, without transparency, not subject to review and scrutiny.

Jewish Amona was established on a barren hilltop.   

Many false claims can be linked to the provocation of anti Israel NGO's, such as Peace Now and Yesh Din. 

How come no transparency nor verification is required by Israel Supreme Court before they authorize the  demolition of Jewish homes yet the Supreme Court has considered overlooking the "law" and push to legalize Arab squatters even with crystal clear proof  that the  Arab squatters are illegal sitting on the Ancient Jewish city of Susiya.  

This seems like the work of those intent of creating a Judenrein Arab State of the West Bank by hostile intervening forces to Israel. 

These troublemaker organizations have infiltrated Israel's Judiciary, and we have known about them for a while.   They are funded by NIF and Soros out to deligitimize the Jewish State of Israel.  They and/or other groups funded by these evil sources, provide legal representation for terrorists and their families. Terrorists and their families are rewarded with a salary and perks following terror attacks. This obviously serves to encourage more terror...

Please investigate.  Are sufficient monies being awarded to the Jewish victims of terror and their families who now have lost a bread winner or have experienced trauma? Are Torah Laws pertaining to the Widow and Orphan applied for these victims, victimized once again subject to loan sharks who come after their debts which grows astronomically with fees and Ribis, (outrageous interest).  Even if a victims' family member succeeds in landing a job, their earnings are subject to the garnishing of wages to pay off  banks and loan sharks and lawyer fees. 

Jews, Israeli settlers, demand equal rights at the minimum and ideally, rights that are consistent with the Torah,  rather than a bias for illegal Arab Squatters from the Israeli Supreme Court whose judgement has been tainted and blinded.  The government of the Land of Israel should not be puppets dancing to the whims of  the Obama Administration the EU nor the International Media.  

Ministers and Members of Knesset:  Please take the reign and Lead. The time has come for a Court System that is true to Judaism and based on our proud Jewish Heritage. 

The ones who will benefit the most are the Arabs themselves who suffer the most under Radical Islamic Terror Leadership under Hamas and Fatah!  

If as Lieberman suggests we wish to reward Arab building when they are good residents, let us make sure that such Arabs abide by 7 Noahide Laws and accept Israel's Sovereignty.  They are worthy of being a Ger Toshav and should have rights befitting all Jews or Non Jews who fall within this group. 

If they on the other hand insist on Jihad education for their children and glorify Jihad, and encourage their children to become a Shaheed or a Shaheeda,  they have no place in Our Land. 

Jews  should have every right to settle in all parts of Israel including Areas A B and C, not only Arabs, and that should be a given, not an afterthought.  Jews must do whatever they must to defend themselves and getting permission from the world is unnecessary. 

VOTE AGAINST Liberman "carrot" plan, Speak out against Liberman "carrot plan"! 

Sincerely  Robin Ticker

Dear Readers, amv"sh

This letter sounds like I am "frothing at the mouth" as one of my critics informed me. This was my response to him.

Here they are... the articles that brought me to the conclusions that I did. You can come to your own conclusions.. 

Amona is a test case for Israeli democracy  
As a matter of procedure, Israel's High Court of Justice does not examine or evaluate evidence and does not decide issues of land ownership. They rely on what government offices tell them.

Susya: David Bedein's response to Obama's threat of a "harsh response" if illegal Arab outpost is demolished. Academic research proves there was never an Arab Susya

Im Tirzu: Fwd: From Words to Action: Exposing the Foreign Agents in Israel’s Supreme Court

I have been in touch with Nati Smadar.  He is an Israel activist for Amona.  I am in touch with those who are trying to get him and his family out of debt, listed in the article and  the deadline is the end of August. This is a true story.  


Robin Ticker

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