Wednesday, August 03, 2016

Obama says Building in Jerusalem Corrosive and Provocative? Mayor of Jerusalem responds. My comments


The Mayor sites the Jewish Connection to Jerusalem for 3000 years. 

However, in my humble opinion,  Mayor Barkat bent over backwards to defend Israels right to build for Jews primarily based on being fair to the Jews, Christians and Arabs alike.  

Being Jewish according to the Mayor himself is in no way an advantage.

Thank you Mayor Barkat for standing up for Jerusalem. It was bold to speak up as you did. 

However, I personally would however would  take it much further than being fair to all the residents with no special preference for the Jews!

Unfortunately Mr Mayor, in spite of our 3000 year connection to the Holy Land, practically, being Jewish often is a disadvantage when it comes to building permits. According to Arieh King, councilman of the Jerusalem municipality,  the Arab population is increasing in Jerusalem compared to Jewish population which is decreasing?!?!. 

Apparently being Arab in Jerusalem is an advantage if you want to get a building permit.
I wish the Mayor would have said that non Jews are welcome to reside in Jerusalem so long as they accept Israels Sovereignty and abide by Universal Morality laws also known as the 7 Noahide laws. See Biblical Path to Peace video.

I wish he would have said we will eliminate in Jerusalem all hate education that teaches its residents that Israel is the enemy that must be destroyed. All residents are required at the very minimum to adhere to the requirements stated above, accepting Israel Sovereignty and 7 Noahide Laws before being granted resident status and such status will be revoked with proven failure to adhere to these requirements.

How  different is pledging allegiance to the Sovereign State of Israel than pledging allegiance to the United States of America?  

Probably Obama has no problem with doing away with such a pledge as he is welcoming many radical Islamic terrorists into the country without vetting them. But I think he is being treasonous to America.

I wish the Mayor would say that Israel and the City of Jerusalem it's capitol,  will fight subversive and hateful indoctrination within our midst that undermines Israels rights to the Promised Land. This is our ancient homeland of thousands of years, Promised by the Almighty in a Covenant with our forefathers, Abraham and then again with Isaac and then again with Jacob to give them this Land as an everlasting inheritance  to them and their seed therafter.

We, the descendants of Jacob, who was also given the name Israel, are the true and rightful inheritors and legal occupiers (in its literal meaning not its more recent connotation of illegality) of the Land of Israel!
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