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IDF Morality and Neutralization of Terrorists. Downgraded to Manslaughter. Trust Military Investigation?


Key testimony supports Hevron soldier who shot terrorist

Soldier's case strengthening: commander admits he would have shot too, comrade says were told terrorist had a bomb belt.

Hebron soldier: ‘I’m only being investigated because they’re scared of what the world has to say’

The testimony of the detained soldier suspected of killing a neutralized terrorist was released for the first time today. In his interrogation, the soldier claimed, “Thoughts came into my head about a Hamas terror cell telling us that they’re planning to carry out a terror attack.”

My son deserves to be treated like a hero not a criminal says father of IDF Soldier. Prosecution is preparing an indictment for manslaughter against him. "I am convinced the investigation will be professional and fair to your son.” says Netanyahu to father.  
My comments:
Can someone be trusted to investigate itself?  It does not take days of investigation to acknowledge that there was a real possibility that the terrorist was wearing an explosive device under his closed vest that could have potentially detonated endangering everyone. In real time, a soldier does  does not have the luxury to investigate.  A soldier must make a quick decision and act.  

I do not trust the Military investigation will be fair since the Morality Laws of the IDF are based on political correctness rather than on Moral Ethics of combat.  Terror attacks on soldiers and innocent civilians should be considered as an act of War.  The Palestinians themselves do not consider these knife attacks as terror.  They consider them "Resistance". They chant "Resistance is justified when Palestine is occupied."

If the Terrorist was merely engaging in resistance than perhaps shooting him was not in order. However, it is clear to everyone that the attacker was not merely resisting, but rather engaged in a deadly act of terror on IDF soldiers no different than a real time war situation.

Another question of moral ethics is whether the IDF should treat terrorist and victim as if there is no difference between them when both victim and terrorist are wounded. It is not the job of the medic to make that decision because they have been trained to disregard the circumstances and go by the rules of triage. So unless instructed otherwise, the terrorist who is in worse medical condition will be treated before his victims according to the Moral Ethics of the IDF.  This morality seems very off. Being compassionate to the cruel will make one cruel to the compassionate. 

 Defense Minister Moshe Ya'alon and Chief of Staff Lt. Gadi Eisenkot, the soldier violated "basic rules of military engagement." Eisenkot reported said that "the soldier's behavior reflected neither the IDF's nor Jewish values." 

Maybe Moshe Ya'alon and Chief of Staff Lt. Gadi Eisenkot should be under investigation for violating "basic rules of military engagement" whose Moral ethics do not reflect Ethical and moral rules of combat warfare nor Jewish ethics of combat warfare but rather reflect influences of a political nature.  
Petition in Support of arrested IDF Soldier. Almost 58,000 signatures
אזרחי ישראל מעניקים ציון לשבח לחייל צה"ל

Moving Facebook Post Defending IDF Infantryman Accused of 'Executing' Terrorist Goes Viral as Social Media Survey Says Most Israelis Support His Action

By Ruthie Blum  The Hebrew Facebook post of a former IDF soldier, Dror Zicherman, critically wounded by excess compassion to a terrorist by his commanding officer, defending the IDF infantryman, has gone viral since it was uploaded on Saturday night, with nearly 23,000 shares so far and almost 3,000 comments.


This is what Moshe Feiglin posted on Facebook:

There is nothing more moral than eliminating a terrorist who attempts murder. Whoever doesn’t understand this literally sheds blood. 

How many soldiers and civilians will G-d forbid pay with their lives for the pandering to the nations 'morality' show put on by the Prime Minister and Defense Minister in response to Thursday's event in Hebron, in which a soldier shot and killed an injured terrorist?

Excellent Article!
Western morality and Islamic jihad
Posted on March 27, 2016 by Vic Rosenthal

Why would any soldier want to serve in an army knowing that his supreme commanders will not have his or her back?  by Zahava Englard

Reader Post: Leave No Man Behind

The Killing of a Muslim Terrorist by Prof. Paul Eidelberg

A Mother of a Golani Soldier writes to her son

My comments:


This protest in NY was a protest in Solidarity with ongoing protests in Israel,  demanding the release of the soldier who was jailed for shooting a terrorist in Hebron and neutralizing him permanently after he was semi neutralized. 

We defend a soldier's actions to fully neutralize a terrorist in order to prevent a potentially deadly terror attack that can occur when a terrorist is only partially neutralized.  The Algemeiner Link above is an example of exactly that happening. 

There are many people,  angry veterans of the IDF, parents of IDF soldiers and regular citizens who are extremely upset that this soldier is being treated as a criminal, jailed and  reprimanded  in the media by public officials before any formal military investigation was conducted.  

The Duma arson has similar parallels.   Quick to accuse, condemn and sentence our brothers and sisters, righteous Jews, in the media and then actually imprison them?!?!?!?...

This is merely the tip of the iceberg.  

By prosecuting this IDF soldier, Israel appeases Obama and thereby aids and abets those whose goal and mission is the destruction of the State of Israel!  

Let us have an open discussion about Torah morality?  How about Universal morality?   Let us scrutinize "IDF morality" and check out its true source.  It is not based on Torah.

Jews in Judea and Samaria, East Jerusalem and Israel proper, live with daily terror attacks because Palestinian terrorists are not afraid of consequences. They have been fed with hate education from an early age.  When  IDF soldiers who have tried to protect  Israeli civilians are viciously condemned in the media and prosecuted as terrorists, this makes other IDF soldiers afraid to do their jobs effectively and destroys their motivation.  They will refrain to engage with terrorists lest that they too become the target of prosecution by the Israeli gov't.  It plants seeds of doubt and hesitation.   Lives are then lost due to terror... precisely the agenda of Israel's enemies. 

Exactly this scenario was posted on facebook by a mother of a soldier 

Being compassionate to the cruel means we are cruel to the compassionate and these rules of engagement as specified by the Defense Minister are deadly for the protection of the Land of Israel and the protection of the People of Israel.

Not only have IDF Solders been prevented from properly defending themselves and the people, Jews in Judea and Samaria have been prevented from properly defending themselves to fill in the void.

Have the lives of the IDF Soldier and the residents of Judea and Samaria deemed Hefker,  abandoned, endangered by these "morality laws"? 

Why are hundreds of righteous, idealistic, innocent youth of Judea and Samaria under surveillance,  suspect and/or house arrest.  Why are Amiram ben Uliel and Elisha Odess under administrative detention, suspects in the Duma arson,  tortured in prison until they confessed to a crime they say they did not do?  Why is Meir Ettinger sitting in a high security cell surrounded by Arab Terrorists because of his opinions and his requests to be tried in a a Jewish court of Law treated as if he was a Jewish Terrorist?

It is no surprise that these youth and their families feel betrayed and have lost confidence in the IDF's willingness to defend them and their families.

Silent Intifada: Over 100 attacks in one week (Mar 18th- Mar. 24th) 

Put yourself in the place of the Jewish settler in Judea and Samaria.   If the IDF is unwilling to defend you and  your family, then how would you feel?  


We can not stand by and let this continue. We must protest!

It is Shabak and the Judicial System and those in the Government of Israel including the Defense Dept. that should undergo a thorough investigation by the Knesset as per whether they are properly defending Jewish lives in Judea and Samaria and elsewhere and whether they tie the hands of soldiers who are there to protect Israeli civilians.  Then they proceed to tie the hands of the Settlers, whose lives are now in greater danger as a result of this void.  

What is the Torah perspective on this?  Chareidim, Yeshivish, Chasidish, Dati Leumi, Yeshiva Torah Scholars who are busy learning Torah day and night surely can offer a Torah perspective in this timely and relevant discussion of Pikuach Nefesh. 

Let the slander, condemnations and false derogatory reports on Jewish warriors come to an end!


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