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Donald Trump and the Jewish Media


update: March 9, 2016
In opposition of Donald Trump:
In support of Donald Trump in the News:
Frankly I am turned off by the Republican candidates bashing each other in order to win the election.  I watched the early debates but then stopped when I saw that instead of focusing on Iran and Isis, the economy etc. they were destroying each other. It was a turn off. 

But when Moshe Feiglin blasted Donald Trump in an Arutz7 article
 and then not long after I read in American Thinker  about Donald Trump having a narcissistic personality disorder more dangerous than Obama 
I decided to go back to watching the debates to see whether there was something that I had missed. 

In my gut I believed and still believe that the essence of Donald Trump is on the side of good.  Calling someone dangerous and even worse, a Narcissistic Personality Disorder psychopath is character assassination.  I feel that Donald Trump sees the Forest from the Trees. He sees the big picture and doesn't get caught up in the details. He is not afraid to switch course when his knowledge expands to include information he didn't have previously.  He calls this flexibility.  His goals are to better society. Sometimes money, greed and power get in the way. He needs to be surrounded by honest advisers to keep him on track. .  

Yes there are/were negative character traits in Trump that I personally found offensive.  Like when he bashes those who publicly criticize him.  He lashes back with such gusto and even at times vengeance that it's hard not to be blown away. Sure it keeps the opposition in its place. One learns not to start up with Donald Trump or else risk being fired if Donald Trump gets his way.  It is not fun to oppose Donald Trump. He digs it in and even turns the knife when he is attacked even when he is in the lead making someone feel very small especially when they are the underdog. This way he makes sure that they stay there. He has coarse (prust in Yiddish) and popular appeal which comes from man's basic human drives. He will lower the bar of a debate to a new low while at the same time make us laugh as we are reminded of our commonality and that we all are made of the same stuff, flesh and blood with basic human drives and urges...  just in case someone thinks that they are above that.  He has been a businessman that will buy off politicians if he can get away with it if it helps his business not addressing the greater common good.   He promises things that people would like to hear, things that are popular yet when it's all said and done, he delivers far less.  Yet in his mind he has gotten the best deal.  

One thing Donald should learn is that people take the side of the underdog and bashing them too much is also counterproductive. This time he is the underdog, or at least it seemed to me reading these posts,  and it worked in his favor.

 I decided to watch the latest Republican debate and see for myself if the claim that he has a dangerous character personality holds water. 

Before I actually watched the debate this is basically the letter I wrote Moshe Feiglin:

Dear Moshe Feiglin, amv"sh

I generally have tremendous respect for your policies.  I admire your stand to annex Judea and Samaria.  You have been forthcoming in protesting immoral administrative detention for hilltop youth.  You encourage Jewish Identity and the people involved in Zehut,  as they were when you were Manhigut Yehudit, are passionate for Israel, love the Torah and love the Jewish people.  However, in all due respect, my gut feeling,  is that you are off about Trump.  All that you may dislike about him may be accurate but it seems to me that there is a deficiency in your analysis.  

Trump's inner soul is what you need to tap into. I see this as a failure on your part to be able to discern between unadulterated evil coming from a deeper source and simply negative character traits.

Sometimes it is very hard to discern evil. I don't claim to be able on the level to judge accurately as only G-d can be Bochen Balev, know exactly what is in Man's heart.

 I believe that Donald Trumps heart is in the right place.  I admire that he is not afraid to talk about decapitation of heads and why waterboarding is not such a big deal for these animals.  All the other candidates shy away from some graphic details and seem to be afraid to acknowledge the evil out there that can't be addressed by western standards and values. Ted Cruz for example is still talking as if we are fighting a civilized society. These are subhumans and one needs only to watch some Yezidi documentaries to see what we are dealing with.  These barbarians need to be afraid of the President of the United States and Donald Trump gets it. They need to understand that we will deal with ruthless behavior in kind. 

My father ob"m survived WWII even though his first wife and his daughter did not, and found himself at the very end of the War together with some comrades in charge of captured Nazis officers.   They were given the liberty to deal with them as they wished.  I don't know exactly what they did but my impression was that somehow Justice was served. 

It seems to me that Donald Trump and Mike Huckabee have mutual respect for each other.  Mike does not share Trump's coarseness nor Trump's drive for material wealth nor Trump's bad bedside manner when one disagrees or gets on his bad side. 

He also does not share Trump's popular support. 
It seems to me that such  character traits, when channeled properly are precisely the traits necessary to fight evil as long as a clear vision is there.  In Judaism we learn that we can not designate one's nature as purely good or evil.  It is G-d's will as per His commandments and the context of the situation that defines whether it is good or evil.  So killing is bad almost all the time, yet wiping out Amalek, the symbol for unadulterated evil, and killing every man, woman and child from Amalek is a Mitzva we are required to remember and never forget. Being merciful to the cruel is being cruel to the merciful we have learned.  Jews especially have a  very difficult time with this commandment since by Nature we are a compassionate people.  Jews must fight their nature to keep this commandment.  

Mike Huckabee a minister, has a theological vision I trust that can fight an ideological war with Isis and Iran. 
By bashing Trump or for that matter any of the Republican candidates, we weaken our fight against evil! We sometimes destroy the very medicine that can save us. 

It is possible that with proper vision, maybe with Mike Huckabee on his team to provide a theological vision as well as to serve as a character role model being that Mike Huckabee is greatly admired and receives high marks for his sterling character traits, Donald Trump will reach great heights.   Trump can channel all his character traits into fighting Isis and Iran and the immigration crisis not to mention Obamacare and fighting the terrible deficit in the budget.  It's however a total waste channeling it on Rubio or Cruz who are basically good guys who have been serving the United States honorably and have an excellent track record regarding Israel.  If all work together we can succeed to overcome all obstacles,  Obama and Hillary and Sanders, Iran and Isis etc.  

Donald Trump has been there and done that.  He has accumulated vast sums of money. One would hope that it is harder to buy him off since it takes one to know one.  He will see through those who try to buy him off,  or at least have advisers who see through the payoffs and bribes for personal gain.  His goals now are hopefully the betterment of society rather than just personal accumulation of wealth.  He has an insider story of which legislation would encourage less dependency on foreign markets at the expense of American workforce and how to grow the local economy so that jobs stay here in America.

Cruz, Rubio and Kasish each have their strengths and weaknesses.  Let the Candidates work together as a team....The one who can bring out the strengths of those on his team is the greatest leader. 

So I am not very happy that the Republican candidates are bashing each other right now.  Trump is not innocent in this regard.  But Rubio especially and Cruz as well are ganging up on him and picking fights knowing how he responds. They should unite to fight evil and end character assassination of each other.  

Moshe Feiglin,  I feel that your anti Trump post, only serves to weaken  Israels position to fight the evils of Isis and Iran! 

 Fighting negative character traits is important but for now must not take center stage. Fighting radical Islam,  Isis and Iran must be our priority!

Robin Ticker

After the watching the Debate my opinion of this letter did not change.  Trump does not strike me as dangerous to Israel.  He denounced David Dukes on multiple occasions 

He called Isis animals. He supported the 2nd amendment and came out against assault weapons being banned even though initially years ago he was for it.  He accurately described the scenario where tens of people were shot before the terrorist was neutralized and this could have been prevented had they been neutralized sooner with proper weapons.

 His children seem like decent kids one of whom converted to Judaism and married an Orthodox Jew, a strong supporter of Israel. 

I too am flexible and if his actions prove me wrong, I will have no problem reevaluating.  But so far I don't see an issue worth worrying about.
As for Sam Vaknin's depiction of Donald Trump as a psychopath, it seems pretty clear that he is totally off.  Surely his statement
 "I regard him as much more of a menace than Obama ever was to the future of the USA and, by extension, the world. I am shocked that -- despite an increasing awareness of the dangers of narcissism in the media and in the public -- Trump is still making any headway in this election cycle"

is nothing less than character assassination.  

Has Trump empowered the Muslim Brotherhood and Iran as does Obama?   Does he surround himself with advisers who are supporters of Islam? The evils of Islam includes pedophilia, Sharia Law and those who pride themselves on following the example of Mohammad the "Prophet" who deals with infidels by decapitating the men and taking the women as sex slaves.   By calling Donald Trump more of a menace than Obama, he has lost credibility. Trump has no history of empowering evil regimes that defies basic universal morality.

Money, greed, power are all negative character traits that destroy a person and peoples.  Yet these are personality failings.  If the mission is to wipe out G-d's name and G-d's truth and G-d's Word, it is unadulterated evil and must be addressed as such.

Robin Ticker

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