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Virtual Mishloach Manot From Ticker Family: Blood


Ticker Dam Mishloach Manot Contents 5776:

·         Red bag. to remind us of Dam - Blood
·         Hebrew and English Graffitti 
    • Duma Blood Libel" on one side "דומא,  עלילת דם"  
    • In Blood Shall you Live"  " בדמייך חיי בדמיך חי"on other side
  • Tongue bought in Glatt Mart with  Hashgacha Beit Yosef, Vaad HaRabbonim of  Flatbush Rabbi Meir Goldberg, Star K
    • (to remind us to watch our Tongue from Slander and to protest the Duma Blood Libel against the Hilltop Youth נצור לשונך מרע
  • Challah Roll 
    • (Pas Yisroel) because Slander was committed on Jewish Hilltop Youth over the arson in the Arab Village Duma
  • Ketchup 
    • To represent Blood through which We Shall Live rather than with Blood from Terror.  Blood of the Brit Mila and Korban Pesach. May the Temple be speedily rebuilt. 
  • Barbecue Chips no MSG
    • (to remind us of Korban Pesach which was burnt, barbecued on the Alter (מזבח). May the Temple be speedily rebuilt
  • Water
    • to remind us of the Kiyor and the washing of the Kohanim, priests before they entered the Kodesh to do the Avodah. May the Temple be speedily rebuilt.
  • Red Knife symbolic of
    • Knife Intifada (stabbings of many innocent Jews by Arab terrorists many of whom are  Arab youth)
    • The shtick knives at Settler wedding while singing Zachreinu Na "זכרינו נא זכרינו נא" because they were possibly thinking about
      • The Knife at Akeidat Yitzchak "ויקח את המאכלת לשחוט את בנו"
      • Knives to bring Korbanot (May the Temple be speedily rebuilt)
  • Megalillat Dam   (32 pages see below and open link)  Happy Reading!

 The Ticker Reading Megillah for this 5776 Mishloach Manot is entitled Megalillat Dam. Happy or shall we say not so very happy but definitely potentially life blood saving reading....

word 2013 document Print  or simply read.... just 32 pages...:)  It's a Megilla after all..... 

pdf document

Duma Blood Libel against Jews...................................................................3
     Amiram Ben Oliel...4
     Interview: Duma suspect speaks from prison about torture Arutz7...6
     Elisha Odess.....7
     Meir Ettinger....9
     Duma Wedding Knife Dance.....11
Letter Writing Campaign to Rav Moshe Sternbuch re: Meir Ettinger and Hilltop Youth...............12
Letter to Rabbi Dovid Feinstein, Rabbi Reuvein Feinstein, Rabbi Moshe Tendler, Rabbi Mordechai Tendler re: writing a letter to free Meir Ettinger to Netanyahu as did Rabbi Moshe Feinstein zt"l..............14
Letter Sent to Moetzes Gedolei Hatorah and to Rabbanim re: letter campaign to Newganya...........15
Shin Bet: New Duma arson wasn't 'Jewish terror'...........20
Police harass Jewish youth under house arrest..........21
Army destroys synagogues on Jewish hilltops........22
In Tribute to the Duma Suspects, The Boys In The Hands of Shabak. Uzia Tzadok 13 Singing KeSheHalev Bocheh - When the Heart Cries
     Dima Song  שיר דמעהKeSheHalev Bocheh Shma Israel | לשמוע ישראל.....23
Damim  Money Tzedaka,  instead of Blood...........25
       Child Treated as Hardened Criminal
       Prejudicial Treatment of Jewish Children
      Can Soldiers Defend Us? Alan Hirsh, Kimche D'Pishche Judea and Samaria...29
   ZOA Brooklyn Mishloach Manot to Soldiers....
   Chavat Gilad Needs Your Help
   Itamar Donate via paypal or credit card or.....30
   Women in Green Oz VeGaon
   Emunah's children in Israel   deserve some joy this PURIM

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