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The Sin of Passivity of Jewish Leadership Parshat Vayakhel


Rabbi Yudin in his weekly radio segment on Nachum Segal JMINTHEAM on the Parsha of the week talked about the Sin of the Eigel, the Sin of the Golden Calf and he spoke as well about the mistake of the Nesiyim, who were the Tribal Leaders in the Desert.  They share a common flaw.  In the sin of the Golden Calf only 3,000 people were guilty. Yet the entire Congregation were held accountable. The building of the Mishkan, the Tabernacle,  atoned for the Sin of the Eigal.  The Machatzit HaSheqel was a contribution of half a Sheqel that was used to count the people following the Sin of the Golden Calf.  This silver in turn was used as part of the building of the Mishkan. When the Torah speaks about the Machatzit HaSheqel, it says in  Exodus 30:15  "LeChaper al Nafshoseichim", to bring  repentance for their souls.  Why didn't the Torah say LeChaper Aleychem to bring repentance literally for them.  The reason Rabbi Yudin brings is because this contribution did not atone for the actual engagement of idol worship,  since those that actually involved in idol worship died prior to this, but rather was an atonement for their souls. Their wrongdoing was that they were passive, a stain on their souls.

The other example in this week's Parsha that Rabbi Yudin brought down is the mistake of the Nesiyim.  We know that they were lacking since there is a missing letter yud in their name. Apparently the Nesiyim, the leaders, told Moshe Rabbeinu according to the Midrash that they would bring all the material for the Mishkan. Hashem however wanted the contributions from all of Israel,not just the leaders. They then said that they would wait for the entire Nation to bring their gifts and then whatever was not brought, they would supplement.  Most fundraisers would be thrilled at this arrangement.  However, G-d found them lacking in that they were passive and did not initiate their own gifts but waited.  

The repentance and rectification for such flaws is the opposite of passivity.  It is to be proactive and to take preemptive initiatives known as Zerizus.  In the case of the Nesiyim, this means being the first to speak out, the first to do the Mitzva! This they accomplished at the days of Inauguration  of the Tabernacle when they were quick to offer their gifts having learned from their mistake.

I will now apply these teachings to the Jewish Leadership of our days. The following post is painful in that it finds our Jewish Mainstream Organizations lacking.  

However, like the Nesiyim of years gone by, may these Leaders as well rectify any lapses and be the most passionate, the most industrious and forthcoming to speak out with zealousness and properly guide the people in the just path of Torah and Mitzvoth!

Shabbat Shalom UmeVorach!

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