Tuesday, March 01, 2016

Fwd: Article for Yated re: letter writing campaign to free Meir Ettinger. End the Sinas Chinam to the Hilltop Youth


Dear Rabbi Lipschutz, avm"sh

Please raise awareness. We have an opportunity to bridge the Chareidi and Dati Leumi Communities if the Gedoilim step out of the comfort zone. We are in dire need of many zechusim and unity.  Please Lobby the Rabbanim to write a letter. 

My guess is that the reason that they have been silent is because of the Har HaBayit issue.  

Rabbi Shternbuch via Rabbi Daniel Travis seems to  hold that going on Har HaBayit endangers Am Yisroel in that it angers the Goyim.  Perhaps he holds that it's better to keep Meir Ettinger and the hilltop youth in jail and silent.  I can't find any other justification for the Silence re: their Administrative Detention and severe violations of their human rights..  

Still even if we assume that is the case, that they must be in jail because by their speaking out and possibly even ascending Har HaBayit it offends the Goyim so that they will riot etc.and commit acts of terror  is not the same as they must be in jail because they are violent and will do something violent that endangers the public. Can we incarcerate someone just because they may anger the Goyim for their belief system?  Am Yisroel davens every day to return to the Avoda in the 'Beis Hamikdash. This is said privately but just like hilltop youth we pray and aspire the same things.  

Is it halachically sound to imprison someone for publicly stating what we believe to be the truth like our desire for a court based on Torah, just because it will infuriate the  Goyim? How far can this go.  How many hilltop youth will they put under administrative detention? .

Many others, myself included believe that the Goyim don't need any excuse to commit a terror attack.  We should not be silent about our aspirations.

End the Sinas Chinam Against the Hilltop Youth

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