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IF NOT NOW Simone Zimmerman spreading lies and falsehoods in Brooklyn. They don't allow others to express their opinion


Simone Zimmerman fell for the anti-Israel propaganda at Berkley:Watch her on youtube. I am in shock that she has been brainwashed and used to turn against her people. I hope she is open enough to check out these Pro Israel links I sent her on twitter. 

I tried to post the following on their facebook page but didn't succeed. 

The millions of Palestinians under "military occupation of Israel" are not in their true Ancestral Biblical Homeland.  Jews are! They come from other places from various tribes, where they probably would feel much more comfortable.  Just look at the map and see the size of Israel and the size of all the Muslim and Arab countries in comparison.  If they are unhappy in Israel, let them emigrate elsewhere. Israel is the only Jewish State in the world.   Arabs are welcome to reside in Israel. But while non Jews are living under Israel's Sovereignty they must accept Israel's Sovereignty and abide by Universal Morality and the 7 Noahide Laws. ...The organization IfNotNow is one big lie!!!

To Whom It May Concern at IFNOTNOW,
Maybe you guys should look at the source. The Bible. Universal Values and Morality come from the 7 Noahide laws. The Palestinians engage in stabbing, brutal terror attacks against innocent civilians while Israel engages in self defense. All the Palestinians killed were terrorists while the Jews were innocent civilians going about their business. The Palestinians are brought up on a hate culture which inculcates them with hate from Palestinian Sesame Street through the UNRWA camps who want to annihilate Tel Aviv, Haifa and Acco and the Jewish State along with all Jews. Little Arab kids, teenie boppers have been stabbing Israeli's in the name of a H-ly War aka Jihad. Watch videos of them learning to behead dolls at the age of 2. Watch their Imam on Al-Aqsa Mosque and the link above, training them on the techniques of stabbing most efficiently. This is the kind of society that you want to empower? Just try to visit their communities and see if you are safe as a Jew there in spite of your noble intentions to free them from "Israel's occupation".
Judea and Samaria of today is the inheritance of the Israelite Tribes of Judah, Benjamin and Josef. The People of Israel Conquered the Canaanite Nations under Joshua their leader. The natives of Canaan weren't known as Palestinians. There were in fact 7 Canaanite nations.  

There was a people that somehow arose called Pelishtim when David fought Goliath. With G-d's help David was victorious over the giant.

Fellow Jews... Please do not believe Simone Zimmerman nor her indoctrination. Her Judaism is distortion and totally false. . Justice is what we all desire but she is acting the part of the wolf of the Goldilock's story who has hijacked the Jewish religion and is dressed up in Grandma's clothing ready to eat up Goldilocks. I wonder where she is getting funded in spite of all her rhetoric. I am sure there are multi millions who are willing to fund her passion. There is no lack of funding for Israel's enemies. But truth prevails over falsehood. Those who truly interested in truth and justice will see reality. Israel welcomes all those who accept Israeli's Sovereignty and abide by the 7 Noahide laws. Unfortunately those who sacrifice their children in the name of Jihad, who engage in suicide bombings in supermarkets like Rami Levi that cater to both Jew and Arab alike, who engage in BDS against those like Soda Stream who employs Jews and Arabs alike because they were situated in Judea and Samaria, are Israel's enemy. Don't be fooled and check the money trail...

If Palestinian terrorists didn't engage in terror there would be no need for checkpoints....They brought it upon themselves. They glorify the terrorist and call schools and streets after their names. They celebrate jihadist deaths with lavish funerals. They give a stipend to their families for having engaged in terror against Israel.

The burning bush took place at Sinai. G‑d's words: "When you take the people out of Egypt, you will worship G‑d on this mountain."On the very mountain where he first encountered G‑d, the Hebrews were destined to receive the Torah.

The passion of this organization IF Not Now (an expression stolen from a Jewish Sage Hillel) is based on falsehoods. The burning bush of the Torah is not to support a Palestinian State. It is to support a Jewish Kingdom which must abide by 613 commandments of the Torah. Will the Palestinians keep the laws of the Sabbatical Year where they leave the land fallow every 7 years to show that the Land belongs to G-d? Jews know that the Land belongs to G-d and not to them and G-d decides to whom he wishes to inherit the Land. Read the Bible. All of Judea and Samaria is the Biblical homeland and inheritance of the Jewish people and they in turn are obligated to keep the commandments in the Land.

Freedom and Dignity does not come from supporting Palestinian occupation of Judea and Samaria. It comes from supporting the vision of the Bible which is for the Jewish People to settle the Land of Israel. When this happens there will be peace and prosperity for all of humanity. When Israel gave 22 flourishing communities of Gush Katif, Gaza to the Arabs, with hot houses etc. in 2005, all the Arabs that were employed by these Jewish communities lost their jobs. Arabs did not build their economy with these communities. Hamas then took over and reigns despotic to Palestinians. The Lion King taken over by Skar. They instead used them to launch rockets against Southern Israel. And the Arabs who were employed by Israeli's had to flee for their lives.

If there would be G-d forbid a Palestinian State it would be Judenrein and all the planes coming into Ben Gurion airport would be threatened being a stones throw away. All the low lying areas of Tel Aviv and the entire Gush Dan area, densely populated areas would be at the mercy of the high ground of the hills of Judea and Samaria under a threateninig Palestinian State intent on Israel's destruction.

The bottom line is that if you are Jewish go and learn. Embrace your Heritage and you will indeed learn about spreading Truth and Justice and Tikkun Olam. However, don't trust this organization which is funded from antisemitic and hateful enemies of Israel

American Jewish millennials aren't disengaged from Israel, we're angry

We don't need any more multi-million dollar ventures, like the 'Jewish Peace Corps' Ari Shavit suggests, to save us. We need the Jewish community to wake up to the disastrous reality of the occupation.

By  Feb. 29, 2016 | 7:19 PM |  1
The anxiety in the American Jewish establishment over "what is happening to our young people" is reaching a fever pitch of absurdity, as communal leaders and spokespeople frantically try to remedy the symptoms while refusing to acknowledge the true root of the problem: We're not disengaging from Israel, in fact we're paying attention to what's happening in Israel - and we are angry.
The latest edition in this ongoing category error is Ari Shavit's epiphany ('Only a 'Jewish Peace Corps' Can Save Zionism From Its Millennial Crisis') that, to save the Jewish future and Israel's public image, we need a "Jewish Peace Corps" which would be "a joint venture between Israel and the Diaspora," that will engage young people in "universal do-gooding," from Yerucham to Rahat to Ferguson.
Shavit dreams for the day that Israel will be identified with human rights and "the effort to make the world a better place," instead of with, "occupation, oppression, settlements, fanaticism and reactionary-ism."
The hypocrisy of expecting feel-good social justice projects to offset millennials' deep outrage at the grave injustices committed by the Jewish state is almost too much to bear.

Shavit blames the Israeli government because it, "refuses to understand and internalize," the crisis among Jewish millennials. Yet, it is Shavit himself, and every Jewish establishment leader peddling similar arguments, who refuse to understand and internalize this crisis.

My peers and I don't need any more multi-million dollar ventures to save us. What we need is for the community to wake up.

What we need is for the community to stop willfully blinding itself to the disastrous reality of holding millions of Palestinians under military occupation.

We need the community to stop justifying policies that deny Palestinians the ability to move freely, to sleep safely in their homes without the fear of a military raid, to access water and resources, to live without terror that their homes could be bombed to rubble, and to protest the unjust conditions of their lives nonviolently. None of these policies are moral, and none of these policies make Jews safer.

Moreover, we need the community to stop policing and demonizing those of us who say these truths in public and are fighting for change. We need the community to stop holing itself up behind walls and tanks and guns, as well as behind redlines and standards of partnership.

We are not too naive to understand what is going on or so selfish as to be lured away by more free programming.  Listen to us when we say that the status quo is unbearable and untenable. The community as it stands today is a community we refuse to participate in.
No public relations trick can save Israel's image. The problem isn't with the hasbara. The problem is nearly 50 years of occupation. The problem is rampant racism in Israeli society. The problem is attacks on human rights defenders by extremists and by the state.  The problem is a Jewish establishment that ignores or justifies all of this.
Sending young, mostly Ashkenazi Jews to do volunteer work with Bedouins in Rahat or African Americans in Ferguson to demonstrate solidarity with people of color is completely missing the point. We hear those people saying the same thing we hear from Palestinians: that band aids and kind words won't end state-sponsored racism and violence.
It is insulting to young Jews' intelligence, and to communities leading their own struggles against oppression, to expect that another "do-gooding" program can mask the violent abuse Israel inflicts upon the human beings living under its rule every day.  No amount of so-called "social justice activism" around the world can distract or make us care less about that. Nothing, except actually addressing it.

Despite the panic about the disengagement of young people from the community, across the country I see principled, courageous, loving, and yes, incredibly angry young people calling on the establishment to change course, to actually do something to end the occupation instead of simply paying lip service to it.

I see J Street U demanding transparency from Jewish Federations to ensure their funding is not further entrenching the occupation. I see Open Hillel insisting Hillel allow a vibrant debate about Zionism and BDS inside its walls. I see Jewish Voice for Peace calling on international corporations to stop profiting off human rights abuses.
I see the Center for Jewish Nonviolence bringing American Jews to do civil resistance work in solidarity with West Bank Palestinians. I see IfNotNow building a mass movement to challenge our community to genuinely stand for freedom and dignity for all in Israel/Palestine.
We millennials have one simple question for our community's leaders: do you support equal rights for all people and if so, what are you going to do about it?
We are doing this out of love for our community and love for our neighbors. We know that Jewish liberation is inextricably tied to the liberation of all people.
My generation isn't disaffected; we're passionate and we're mobilizing. The question is not whether my generation will remain Jewish; it's whether our parents and grandparents will follow our lead as we build the kind of Jewish community that celebrates universal values and struggles for justice.
Those who truly want to help young Jews connect to the Jewish world should live out the values they profess. Fight for an end to the occupation and for freedom and dignity for all in Israel/Palestine. Commit to restoring the moral soul of the Jewish community. Prove to young people that this is a community worth believing in.
You have a choice.
Simone Zimmerman is an activist and organizer based in Brooklyn NY. She is a leader of IfNotNow, an emerging movement of young American Jews working to end their community's support for the occupation. Follow her on Twitter:@simonerzim
On Mon, Feb 29, 2016 at 9:21 PM, Yisrael Medad <> wrote:
If Not Now is an emerging movement of young American Jews organizing to end the American Jewish community's support for the occupation. We are inspired by the sage Hillel's famous dictum: "If I am not for myself, who will be for me? If I am only for myself, what am I? If not now, when?"
If Not Now is creating a mass movement around the principle that the project of Jewish liberation is inextricably bound to the freedom and dignity of the Palestinian people. We will be the generation to end our community's support for the occupation and create a Judaism that stands for the dignity of all people.
Throughout the winter and spring, we are bringing this movement to cities across the country, running small, weekend-long orientation trainings on our movement DNA - our collective strategy, story, and structure - that will ensure unity for our movement as we grow to scale.
Sign up now to get information about trainings happening in cities near you, or to bring a training to your city.
IfNotNow welcomes and celebrates our community's vast diversity of identities and experiences. We are building a diverse, vibrant Jewish network -- across spectrums of race, class, culture (Mizrachi, Sephardic, and Ashkenazi), sexuality, gender identity, ability status, nation of origin, and age -- and are working to prioritize Jews who have identities that have been marginalized by the mainstream community.


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