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There are so many beautiful things to say about the communities of Judea and Samaria, the same communities that nurtured these hilltop youth.  Take a few minutes to watch just one of these beautiful videos and you too will just fall in love.

It is crucial that we put a stop to the slander on Meir Ettinger and the hilltop youth. It has become literally a blood libel of Jews against their fellow Jew.  Either there is a fair and just trial for those incarcerated or under house arrest, or these Hilltop Settlers should be released. 

In the meanwhile we need to counter the blood libel with the opposite, with positive speech about the hilltop youth.  There are so many positive things to say about them. 

  • They are beautiful kids, idealistic, 
  • they love the land with all their heart and soul.  
  • They love the Torah and they love their fellow Jew.  
  • They are hard working kids who have learned the art of construction and farming and shepherding. (please watch the construction video from the link above)  
  • They lead a wholesome simple life. 
  • Many of them have experienced serious trauma being thrown out of their homes or are friends with kids who were thrown out of their homes and 
  • they are subjected daily and have experienced first hand,  horrific terror attacks or attempts on their lives either on family members or friends and/or neighbors, living in Judea and Samaria.  
  • The government has been lax about their security and the security of their families as 
  • they are second class citizens living under military rule of law and therefore 
  • they do not have the same rights as other Jews.  
  • or even Arabs.  There is a bias against the Settlers in Judea and Samaria.  
  • Arabs build illegally yet in comparison significantly fewer such homes are demolished.  
  • Arabs continuously throw rocks, firebombs, shoot at innocent Israeli's and 
  • Jews are at risk if they try to defend themselves.  On the other hand 
  • they are under terrible scrutiny all the time, under surveillance, as if they were the ones who were perpetrating hundreds of terror attacks weekly as documented in HaKol Hayehudi.  
  • This alienation in turn has alienated them from the mainstream Rabbis and the government who betrayed them and their families by allowing this modus operandi to continue. On top of all this... 
  • seeing their friends, under house arrest or incarcerated, tortured under administrative detention doesn't help endear the kids to the establishment.    
  • Meir Ettinger is a selfless Jew whose only concern is for the people of Israel.  
  • He loves Jews, 
  • he loves Torah and 
  • he loves Eretz Yisroel. 
  • He wishes to actualize yearnings of the Jewish people for a government that is governed according to Torah.   

Does that make Meir Ettinger a danger to Israel society?  To society no, but probably yes to certain individuals since what he says makes them vulnerable.  His ideology threatens one who has power and control over the settlers in Judea and Samaria and those whose power and influence are diminished as a result of what he says. 

The Prime Minister and the Defense Minister are trying everything in their power to badmouth this group.  

It has just been reported that Ya'alon is planning further home demolitions in Judea and Samaria.  We learned from the Gush Katif fiasco,  that it first starts with delegitimization and psychological warfare against the Settlers!  It is no surprise to those of us who remember what happened in Gush Katif that it is happening again.

We need to turn the tables and call a spade a spade.  

Branding hilltop youth as a terrorist group is nothing short of a blood libel.  

It is almost certain that our enemies has and will blow such libelous slander out of proportion and then Middah Keneged Middah,  the "Jewish hilltop terrorists" persona will morph into simply Israeli and Jewish terrorists.  

Israel then will ponder why the world is slandering Israel with all  kinds of lies and false reports?  

When will we comprehend that had we not fueled the false reports against the Hilltop Youth it never would have mushroomed into a full grown blood libel against ourselves and the entire Jewish nation?  

Action Items:
  • Stop another Gush Katif fiasco, and 
  • end the immoral incarceration of Meir Ettinger and 
  • demand that Elisha Odess and Amiram ben-Uliel get a fair trial and 
  • that all the hilltop youth now incarcerated under the supposedly legal "administrative detention" orders are released from house arrest or jail 
  • unless there is some real evidence, (not forced confessions), against them. 
  • Please protest the slated demolitions of Jewish homes in our Biblical Homeland.  
 In addition, even if some of these hilltop youth are angry for reasons listed above, surely the establishment owes THEM an apology and probably compensation for emotional and physical trauma and distress as a result of the abusive and lawless way they have been mistreated!!!! Admitting that one made a mistake is the first step towards reconciliation and forgiveness.

Yeshayahu- Isaiah - Chapter 1

כה: וְאָשִׁיבָה יָדִי עָלַיִךְ וְאֶצְרֹף כַּבֹּר סִיגָיִךְ וְאָסִירָה כָּל בְּדִילָיִךְ
25 And I will return My hand upon you and purge away your dross as with lye, and remove all your tin.
כו: וְאָשִׁיבָה שֹׁפְטַיִךְ כְּבָרִאשֹׁנָה וְיֹעֲצַיִךְ כְּבַתְּחִלָּה אַחֲרֵי כֵן יִקָּרֵא לָךְ עִיר הַצֶּדֶק קִרְיָה נֶאֱמָּנָה
26 And I will restore your judges as at first and your counselors as in the beginning; afterwards you shall be called City of Righteousness, Faithful City.


כז: צִיּוֹן בְּמִשְׁפָּט תִּפָּדֶה וְשָׁבֶיהָ בִּצְדָקָה
27 Zion shall be redeemed through justice and her penitent through righteousness.


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