Thursday, February 25, 2016

Judicial Terrorism and Faked Hate.... fyi,


Settlers and Hilltop Youth are often accused and  framed with faked Muslim hate crimes that are labeled Jewish Price Tag vandalism and Jewish  Price Tag Terror with trumped up accusations  consisting of assault,  arson, murder etc.... The goal is to  slander them  and their community and to establish and give credence to a false phenomenon called "Jewish Terror".  

One should never jump to conclusions when they hear of a  hate crime directed against Muslims by Jews and rush to condemn it.  It is much more likely than not that it is another frameup against the Jewish Settler or Hilltop youth, with police or ISA  believing and or possibly fabricating false reports without credible evidence to back it up.  

Yehuda Glick: Police aided our enemies with 'judicial terrorism' 
Temple Mount activist Yehuda Glick vindicated in court, looks to return to Temple Mount.

This MO Modus Operandi is hitting America as well. 

FAKED HATE: MUSLIM CHARGED with ANTI-MUSLIM BOMB Threat to Dearborn High School -


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