Wednesday, February 03, 2016

Beautiful Eretz Yisroel Videos featuring Judea and Samaria


Beautiful Eretz Yisroel Videos

From Jewish Heritage Project:
Other Videos from Judea and Samaria
Biblical Path to Peace: Moshe and Norah Elkman's facebook page:
Please check out Itamar's website a typical Yishuv in Judea and Samaria and decide for yourself if this is a breeding ground for Jewish Terror activity.  Many of their kids belong to the hilltop youth community and they are beautiful kids just like their families! Lester Goldsmith, Rabbi Moshe Goldsmith's father, ob"m my neighbor of Marine Park was so proud of how many of his grandchildren who served in elite units in the IDF, not only from Itamar, were arrested (they probably refused immoral orders like throwing fellow Jews from their homes or refusing to demolish "illegal" Jewish homes).  True Yiddishe Nachas :) 
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