Monday, February 22, 2016

Letter from AFSI Brooklyn To Prime Minister Netanyahu Protesting Administrative Detention - Jewish Terrorist Law


Dear Honorable Prime Minister of Israel Mr. Netanyahu,


We are writing today to protest a very undemocratic law called: Administrative Detention (also called: the Jewish Terrorist Law) which Israel has as part of its legal system.

This law, as will be described below, removes the word: Democracy from Israel. It is a shameful law that can be used against any Israeli, without evidence, without recourse and for no real positive purpose under the law.

The person accused of a crime using this law is arrested with only suspicion, without evidence, denied a lawyer. Denied due process as every Israeli is entitled to. He or She is then subjected to various forms of torture, until the person, out of their mind with pain confesses to things they never did. This "confession" is then considered legal evidence with which to prosecute the victim (there is really no other word for what he is). The victim of this law then has no recourse, for the process, and method of evidence gathering is completely legal under the law in Israel.

This shameful, anti-democratic law is used against Jews and Arabs alike. It is as if Israel is at a state of war against its own citizenry!

You may be surprised  that we include Arab citizens (or non-citizens or half citizens) in this plea.

However, the black eye this law gives to Israel for lazy police work, and the poor quality of evidence and the flimsy claims of criminal behavior alleged, if producing questionable cases against Jews, must certainly in this form, be producing questionable cases against Arabs as well. In fact one might go as far to say, that its outrageous use against Israeli citizens might well be termed: Political Agenda.

This medieval form of brute punishment without just cause, is disappointing to many of us supporters of Israel who view Israel as the last bastion of democracy in the turbulent Middle East. It's disappointing enough to hear anti-Israel protester's calling Israel a regime. 
Its worse to see aspects are actually truth.

One must ask: If one has evidence, why torture?
If one has no evidence, so let them find it, if any exists.

As for our Arab residents, some may argue: We need it for Arab terror, etc.

So there are two answers for this-

One is that Arab terror is a war crime. This should be dealt with as such, not as a civil crime.

Two is that apparently Israel doesn't seem that concerned with Arab terror.  Israel claims it made peace. If so, it can't be terror that Arabs are blowing themselves up and digging tunnels and firing missiles. Israel seems to often ignore these minor details claiming the perpetrators are enemies of peace. How can we prosecute our peace partners?  So if Israel is truly not concerned, why worry about Arab terror?

And if Israel is truly concerned, so end peace talks which bring more terror, and prosecute Arab terrorists under war-time laws under military law. End Camp David and stop the tunnels. End Oslo and end the land giving which is only used for missile launching against Israelis.

But to needlessly subject Israel's citizens to non-stop military law is unfair and immoral. 

There is not a country in the world that does this, save regimes, and Israel has no need to go that route, for doesn't it claim to be a democracy?

We would like to suggest that you personally support removing this anti-democratic law from Israel's law books. 

All the very best,

AFSI Brooklyn

PS. Some of:this is a bit tongue and cheek but there is unfortunately too much truth,  especially with the treatment of Residents of Judea and Samaria and especially the Hilltop Youth who have been slandered by government officials and in the Media. ..... 

Honorable Prime Minister of Israel
Mr. Benjamin Netanyahu
800 2nd Avenue 
New York, NY 10017


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