Sunday, February 21, 2016

The Leading Republican Candidates are Destroying Themselves. An Open Letter to Mike Huckabee


Dear Former Governor Huckabee, 

While Obama is busy destroying America, the candidates are busy with their campaign....It's a turnoff...

We need a leader now, not in 8 months when it might be too late....

Mike don't retire just yet....Be a leader now to fight Obama and his policies....Forget about the Presidential campaign for now. A true leader would realize that a greater priority than even the election is the here and now crisis facing America. So please......just focus on the issues now and lead...

Radical Islam is a theological crisis that must be addressed head on and not too many individuals have the stomach, the inner conviction to stand up to radical Islam. Those who have strong faith in G-d and G-d alone,  and those who stand with Israel are the only ones capable of fighting this enemy.

Islam is a false religion so long as they follow the practices of Mohammad. We need to raise awareness about Universal Morality which is the 7 Noahide Laws. ISIS and the Muslim Brotherhood and the Islamic "religion" using Mohammad as a role model,  violate these basic fundamental principles of a civilized society and therefore must be exposed as a false religion!
  • "G-d gave the land of Israel to the Jews as an inheritance and non Jews can live in Israel so long as the non Jews follows the 7 basic laws of humanity: "The Noahide Laws".... Biblical Path to Peace
  • Please raise consciousness that the Yezidis and Chaldo-Assyrian Christians are the most needy of Refuge!!!!!!! not the Syrian migrants.
  • We need to stop the billions of $ of sanction relief to Iran before it gets into the hands of terrorists. 
  • Focus on regulating and stopping racist, antisemitic, anti American education via text books and curriculum now being taught in schools across America. This will surely destroy the America we know. 
  • etc...
Please raise awareness of the onslaught of  hate tweets that attacked your twitter account when you announced you were stopping your campaign.. It is proof that you are on the Biblical Path since they will attack in vengeance those who are most threatening. 

Please don't give up on your fight against evil. This is a theological war and not everyone is equipped to fight. We need to fight them on their terms.  I believe you are the best equipped of all the candidates. The other leading Republican candidates are decent human beings and leaders. However, their egos and this campaign has them sidetracked.   Financing is what is stopping you?  May the Almighty G-d provide you with sustenance and help to finance all your needs!

Have trust in G-d that you will find those who will stand by you with G-d's help. Believe in yourself and in your faith. Please continue to Pray for strength and guidance. Your Prayers are being heard.   There is much more at stake than just winning an election and the more they attack you, the more on target you are.  

May G-d Bless you! May G-d Bless Israel and hand in hand May G-d Bless America!

Robin Ticker


Robin Ticker

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