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Fwd: Virtual Rebellion in Israel supporting IDF soldier who shot Arab terrorist in the head - Are Israelis waking up?

Chag Shushan Purim Sameach!

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Subject: Virtual Rebellion in Israel supporting IDF soldier who shot Arab terrorist in the head - Are Israelis waking up?
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Talk-back internet rebellion in support of IDF soldier who neutralized Arab-terrorist in Hebron

The soldier who shot an Arab terrorist in the head after the terrorist already succeeded in wounding two Israeli soldiers Wednesday in Hebron, and after he was already on the ground, has triggered serious virtual discourse on Israeli social media. The talkback response  of the overwhelming majority of Israelis has given sweeping support for the soldier and stark condemnation of PM Bibi Netanyahu, Defense Minister Bogi Yaalon, and Chief of Staff Eizenkott who have all harshly condemned the soldier and who all claim that his behavior is diametrically opposed to IDF ethics and morality – to shoot a terrorist who is apparently already neutralized. Bibi, Bogi and and Eizenkott continued to blast the soldier who has already been arrested despite the fact that eyewitness testimony support the soldier's  version of the story that claim the terrorist had moved and that there were shouts that he had a bomb strapped under his bulky jacket that he was about to set off. Not an uncommon scenario. The spirit of the talkbacks are angry - ranging in demands for Bibi, Bogi and Eizenkott to resign for their defeatist policies, to demanding the arrest of the IDF leadership and the politicians - for abandoning IDF soldiers and the citizens of Israel.

Motti Almoz, the IDF spokesman was attacked virtually by hundreds on his facebook page for condemning the soldier's actions. People attacked him for listening to Bibi, Bogi and Eizenkott. Clearly people are fed up with the constant wave of terror and with the fact that their leadership is siding with the left, the Arabs and the International Community and not with the IDF soldiers who are on the frontlines in this complex battle. Only a handful of rightwing politicians have taken the side of the soldier, declaring him innocent until proven guilty.

IDF Last Holy-Cow in Israel
What happens when IDF Generals and the politicians who define the laws of engagement in battle verbally lynch an IDF soldier in the media? The IDF has been the holy cow of Israeli society since the birth of the modern state of Israel. While the police, Knesset members and judges all lag at the bottom of popularity contests in the polls, the IDF has consistently maintained a most favorable rating. Even the unpopular expulsion from Gush Katif, which could not have been executed without the aid of the IDF, left the IDF almost unblemished politically. If anything, the majority of Israelis who opposed the surrender of Gaza and Northern Shomron, blamed the politicians for forcing the army to participate in the politically controversial disengagement-expulsion debacle. "Keep the army out of politics," was the commonly felt sentiment of the nation.

However, people see the simple soldier and the not the generals as the IDF they so adore
And so we have a mini-revolution albeit only in internet forums and on the Israeli social media network. The nation of Israel and the simple soldiers pinned against the leadership of the army, the politicians, the Arabs and the international community. The soldiers and the nation fear for their lives, the politicians and the Israeli left fear international opinion. The smart populist rightwing-politicians, hope to reap the political coupon. In the meantime the state continues down a road of self-destruction, and when new elections are called all of the politicians will again pretend to be clones of Kahane, that is until they get reelected after they again have duped the people of Israel.

Timely poster ad campaign that depicts Eizenkott as Ahashaverosh
Posters have been plastered around the country placing Eizenkott in the garb of Ahashverosh, calling for the resignation of Eizenkott and asking him to take Bibi and Bogi with him. The timely posters attack Eizenkott for ridiculing Jewish law and the imperative to "wake up and slay one who comes to slay you first." The poster quotes the verse from the Megillah about Ahashverosh giving the Jews license to slay those who merely plotted to kill Jews, and concludes that Eizenkott, Bibi andf Bogi are even worse than  Ahashverosh.

The online rebellion and the theme of the poster campaign could lead to real change
Clearly this is the way to combat the insane orders being passed down by the politicians and the high- command of the army. This is the way to combat the allegiance that Israeli leaders show to misplaced mercy and distorted perceptions of "purity of arms" dictated by the left and the international community. There needs to be massive propaganda that shows how the politicians and the leaders of the IDF are pinned against the interests of the nation and against the simple IDF soldiers. The propaganda needs to show how the politicians merely use and abuse the masses to get elected and how they then betray their promises and the security interests of the people and the soldiers.

Bibi - wake up - This could turn into the demise of your political career
If I were Bibi, Bogi, Eizenkott, the Israeli left, the European Union or the Obama Administration I would pay close attention to the online rebellion supporting the IDF soldier over the generals. The nation of Israel is placing a wedge between the simple soldiers and the generals. The nation is fine with dumping its generals and embracing the rest of the army. This sentiment is translating into action. Soldiers are beginning to disregard the generals, nothing the elitist generals did not bring upon themselves from their ivory towers. Finally the Jew in Israel is being forced to decide between Jewish values and survival vs anti-Jewish values and suicide; between the dictates of G-d and common sense vs the dictates of Washington and the European Union.

The good Jews will win in the end
In the end the will of the nation and the Jewish Way will win out. Even dictatorships have to take into account popular opinion. Certainly a state that calls itself a democracy will be forced to listen to the voice of the people. Today that voice is only being spoken on the internet and in private parlors, but it is only a question of time before the angry sentiments being expressed online will flow offline and onto the streets. This is why the Israeli government has implemented draconian decrees against those who have the courage to speak out clearly against government policy. This is the real reason why people like Meir Ettinger have been arrested and held without trial and due process; without charges and without having committed a crime; without indictment or basic rights afforded to other prisoners.

The soft voice of the people is getting louder and angrier, if the current talk-backs online are any indication
Find attached a picture of the posters which have been plastered in strategic areas such as the Kirya in Tel Aviv, the Israeli "Pentagon", as well as other areas across Israel. There is yet hope because the majority of Israeli Jews and the simple soldiers are still healthy, and not yet corrupted by the galut complex that plagues the Israeli leadership. The virtual uprising is something new. When the people are forced to decide whether they support Jewish survival and the IDF soldiers or the brass and politicians, they have unequivocally voiced their support for life, Jewish values and IDF soldiers over universalism, misplaced mercy and values imposed by the United Nations, the European Union and the Israeli left.

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