Thursday, August 13, 2015

Tonight. VERY IMPORTANT MEETING WITH CONGRESSMAN HAKEEM JEFFRIES! RE: IRAN DEAL Thursday, August 13th - 6:30 PM at the Shorefront Y (3300 Coney Island Ave) in Brighton Beach.


Dear All: 

Please forward to all your friends, family email lists, contacts to attend this meeting. 

Hakeem Jeffries has been a strong outspoken supporter of Israel.   If he votes against this Obama Iran Deal, it will surely bring great momentum for others to follow suit and vote against this terrible deal.  Being that he is a Black Congressman no one can accuse him of being a black racist against OBAMA.  Jeffries is clearly trying to vote his conscience as Schumer advised. Schumer, a die-hard Democrat, took that courageous step for himself in spite of the expected horrendous backlash he is now receiving from the Obama Administration.  Jeffries, a die-hard Democrat,  can expect a similar angry response from the Administration.  Yet, when voting his conscience and doing the right thing he proves that he has great courage and leadership.  We wish him wisdom and fortitude to stand up to evil for the sake of his constituents and  the American People. 

Thank you David Kerner for sending the following: "Rep. Jeffries is a great friend of Israel.  See this video:Congressman Hakeem Jeffries speaks at a rally in support of Israel, in Dag Hammarskjold Plaza on July 28, 2014."

This deal is bad for America, bad for the world and  in all likelihood, notwithstanding G-d's Protection over the Land of Israel and its people, will empower Iran to target Israel with it's newly acquired weapons from the windfall of this deal,  be it conventional or nuclear.  It will serve to destabilize a region where Israel is the rock and a beacon of light for Democracy and Freedom. 

Standing Strong with Israel means Standing Strong for America, a Nation Under G-d with Liberty and Justice for All.  Unfortunately, being true to the Democratic Party and it's founding ideals and being a supporter of Obama Policies and its current Administrations, especially support for this dangerous deal with Iran, are clearly in opposition one to the other as painful as it must be for any die-hard Democrat. 

From:Gennadiy Faybyshenko <>
date:Thu, Aug 13, 2015 at 8:38 AM
subject:Reminder tonight town hall meeting with Congressman Jeffries

Hello everyone it was my pleasure seeing you all yesterday. However. We learned yesterday that Hakeem Jeffries again wants to make another town hall meeting based on the outcome of his constituents he is swinging towards going against the deal.
I need to make some points clear to everyone since this was mentioned many times. Our goal is not to educate ourselves or audience about the Iranian Issue, our goal is to convince congressman to vote against the deal and Hakeem mentioned yesterday to few individuals that he was impressed seeing such a turnout which he did not expected. Based on the witnesses who spoke to him, it seems now he is more on the against deal side.
To continue his efforts in involving voters in his decision making process, the congressman has scheduled another Town Hall meeting, this Thursday, August 13th - 6:30 PM at the Shorefront Y (3300 Coney Island Ave) in Brighton Beach.
This meeting is being organized on extremely short notice, but as  a result of the Congressman's heroic public statements at the first Town Hall, it is likely to be covered by the national media.
We must show our support for Congressman Jeffries in his independent and heroic decision making process and be there on Thursday night to make our voices heard
With less than a day to promote the event, we can only succeed if each of us will make plans to attend and takes immediate action to promote this event both by inviting our friends on Facebook and via emails/texts to our friends and family!  


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