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Fwd: Open Letter to Moetzeth Gedolei HaTorah, Agudath Israel of America re: the Iran.nuclear deal and comments!

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Subject: Open Letter to Moetzeth Gedolei HaTorah, Agudath Israel of America re: the Iran.nuclear deal and comments!
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Lichvod HaRabbonim:

"Obama, the Advocate for 'YES WE CAN' is now the disciple of 'THERE IS NO ALTERNATIVE'  "
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Please read Rabbi Zwiebel's plea...

Re: A Plea From Agudah In the Matter of an Iranian Nuclear Deal:

My comments: 

Agudah has concluded,  that there is no alternative other than a negotiated settlement,  with Iran but that we need a better deal. 

Why is the military option not an option for Agudah? Let me suggest the YES WE CAN Fight Iran Option!

Agudath Yisroel needs to advocate the Torah perspective.  There must be strength and conviction of our ability to conquer the enemy and of the rights to Our Land based on Torah! Then there must be serious mobilization of Rabbis and constituents! It is a Chillul Hashem not to assert our rights to Eretz Yisroel!  We must brace ourselves for a harsh response, antisemitism, etc which we will face regardless, the question is when and will it be an actual physical attack from Iran or just public outcry the lesser of the 2 evils.....

Failure to overcome Iran means existential threat so it can not be an option! I don't know what salvation Rabbi Sternbuch is depending on. Hasn't the Holocaust taught us something? Elef le Mateh, Elef LeMateh means that Israel fought back physically and in prayer.  Yakov Avinu prepared for War in 3 ways.

Similarly, it is insufficient to be satisfied with  Schumer to simply come out against the Iranian Deal.

Schumer must mobilize enough of the Democrats against the Deal. Otherwise his vote is meaningless! We must convince Senator Gillibrand as well!  We must be relentless to contact all the Senators and House of Representatives that can or have made a difference! We expect AGudah and our Rabbanim to  come to the plate because we desperately need them to do so!

And we must Davan!

fyi: Other Agudah Statements on Iran:

Novominsker Rebbe Issues Direct Plea to President Obama at Agudath Israel Dinner May 12m 2015

Statement From Agudath Israel of America on Iranian Nuclear Agreement - July 18, 2015

Hagon HaRav Moshe Sternbuch Opposes Agudath Israel's Lobbying Efforts Against Iran Nuke Deal August 23, 2015

My comments:

HaRav Sternbuch's statement was very depressing and discouraging!

Please compare Agudah's letter with  another letter, this one written by Mosheh Walfish,  Commentary Magazine September 2015 issue. (I thank my husband for showing it to me)

Now here is a voice which sounds like it is coming from Hebron! 

I pray of the day that Agudah will be Metaken the Chait HaMiraglim and be mezakeh  and strengthen the people to be truly worthy of salvation.   

We as a people have yet to unite!


Many of the LGBT (Lesbian Gay, Bisexual and Transsexual) community are against the Iran deal, because gay people are being hung on the gallows in IRAN. While the LGBT lifestyle is not one endorsed by those who believe in Torah, to their credit, they are not standing IDLY by in face of a potential holocaust!  Can the Rabbanim who are so much more powerful in influencing a large constituents say the same?


Congressman Hakeem Jeffries had a town meeting Agudah endorsed.  Let me tell you that I was there and the theme "There is no alternative to a negotiated settlement" was the starting point of those against the Iran Agreement!  That means that the organizers decided that we have no choice but to trust Iran and/or the UN for Israel's security!

Let us take the approach of Calev and Yehoshua!

We must encourage anyone that can to visit CHevron, Maarat HaMachpela. "Aloh Naaleh Ki Yachol Nuchal".  We will conquer the Land because "YES WE CAN"

This is the Teshuva, Repentence of the Chait HaMiraglim and a CAN DO approach!


Message From the Next World Comes to Israeli Mystical Rabbi, Warns of Imminent War. August 26, 2015


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